Thursday, June 7, 2012

Review: Peacemaker by Lindsay Buroker

Peacemaker (Flash Gold Chronicles #3) by Lindsay Buroker
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Half-breed tinkerer Kali McAlister doesn’t care that the gold rush has stormed into Dawson and prospectors are flooding the north—all she wants is to finish construction of her airship, so she can escape the Yukon and see the world.

Unfortunately, the world keeps chucking wrenches into her machinery: a mysterious gambler is pumping her for information on her bounty-hunting business partner Cedar; the notorious gangster Cudgel Conrad is after Kali’s knowledge of flash gold; and a series of gruesome murders is plaguing Dawson. Someone—or something—is ruthlessly slaying tribal women, and, if Kali and Cedar can’t find the killer, she might be the next target.
My Thoughts: I remember after I read the first book in this series - which was the only book out at the time - and how I sat there afterward and made these little whimpering noises and thought "I really really really REALLY hope we get to see more of Kali and Cedar." Then book 2 came along and I might have wept a little in excitement. Not that I'll admit to that, mind you, because I'm not a crier. Not too long ago, I saw that book 3 had been released and I seriously thought about sending vaguely creepy tweets to Lindsay Buroker gushing about my endless love for this series. Then I thought about the creepy aspect of sending vaguely creepy tweets to people you haven't actually met and decided against it. What do you know? There are lines in the stalker sand I'm not willing to cross just yet.

Guys, this series just keeps getting better. Kali's ability to use flash gold - and the fact that she has some of it in her possession - puts her constant danger from people who want to steal it for themselves. I just love that girl to pieces. Cedar does something awesomely heroic and she's all "That's nice. Did you see the hardware on that airship?" It cracks me up that she relates more to machinery than she does to people. And then there's Cedar. It's hard to dislike a guy who accepts Kali for who she is. He knows that she has a knack with machinery and he supports her in her tinkering. The fact that she's a woman and a half-breed aren't part of the equation. She's good at what she does, he stands behind her. He likes her. Period. Full stop. He might want to protect her from the big bad things in the world but he never doubts that her ability to create things isn't an asset.

This series is wicked good. I love the steampunk aspects. I love the characters. I love Lindsay Buroker's writing style. I could read dozens of books set in this world and never complain.

Books in this series
1. Flash Gold
2. Hunted
3. Peacemaker - Kindle

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  1. Whoa whoa whoa. Stalker lines you aren't willing to cross?

    1. Now, if it had been @Rehvenge_BDB I was thinking about sending tweets to, all bets would have been off.