Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review: Where Shadows Dance by Vered Ehsani

Where Shadows Dance (Ghosts & Shadows #2) by Vered Ehsani
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Ash was looking forward to a summer of camping with friends and time travelling. Then his Great Aunt fades away (literally), his near-death nightmare gets even weirder and he keeps falling into someone else’s dreams. On top of that, his house is attacked and he gets trapped in the past while trying to help a new friend who isn’t too friendly. Juna isn’t having a great time of it either: having escaped from her parole officer, she barely survives falling out of a plane and getting sucked into a bizarre tornado that keeps appearing in the most unlikely situations. While Ash and Juna try to get out of the past and back home, events and dreams keep pointing them to the place where it all starts and ends, where shadows dance and time bends. If they can get there, they may be able to stop an implacable enemy from destroying their future. Of course, getting there means surviving first.
My Thoughts: Ash's life is a little more complicated than the average kid's. With the help of his trusty book he can travel through time and experience the past. He's saved an ancestor from some very bad things and he might have actually learned something about history during his journeys.

This time around, Ash meets a girl who can also travel through time (without a book, as it turns out) and the two of them don't exactly hit it off. Juna's prickly and scared of this new ability she finds herself possessing and Ash, having grown up dealing with three sisters of his own, isn't the most patient person with her. They clash, they learn to work together and Ash eventually impresses on Juna that her negativity is affecting the world around her as she travels through time.

Ash's sister gains a bigger role in this book which is nice because I can't imagine Ash being able to keep his ability secret for long without her crafty help. With Juna and Shanti knowing what he can do, a whole realm of possibilities opens up. Plus, there are some big secrets that come to light about his Great Aunt and her role in all this that almost made my head spin. There are so very many ways this series can go that it's really kinda awesome.

Fun with a nice historical twist, the idea that negativity breeds more negativity is still alive and well in this installment. Ash might have some growing up to do but he's managing to make the right choices when the chips are down.

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2. Where Shadows Dance - Paperback | Kindle

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  1. More people need to know about the idea that negativity breeds more negativity. Some people should have that tattooed across their forehead backward so they can see it every time they look in the mirror.

    1. Dude. Best effing comment I've read all day. *huggles you*

    2. Love it, Amanda! That was one of the ideas behind the two books in this series. There's just way too much negativity and pessimism out there, and it's unhealthy.

      Kelly - thanks for the great review!

  2. Ok I love that they tackle the negativity breeds more negativity. I am a big proponent in you are what you think and put out to the world. Not saying I don't have down days but I try to be positive most of the time! At least Ash is doing the right thing when the chips are down.

    1. Felicia: Everyone has off days. It's human nature, right? When I'm down, I try to distance myself from things where I'm apt to bitch and moan (like Twitter). I got tired of the negativity I was seeing on some of those sites and I made a decision that I didn't want to add to that.

  3. Great review, Vered and Kelly. I so look forward to reading all the books is this series. Wishing you much peace, success and prosperity.