Monday, July 30, 2012

Review: Decoy by Michaela Debelius

Decoy (Noel Casey #1) by Michaela Debelius
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Lieutenant Noel Casey is taken aback by her newest military assignment. Her usual routine of vaccine development is interrupted when she's assigned to analyze Killian, a genetically engineered soldier designed for exceptional strength and intelligence. She's not accustomed to working with human subjects, especially a person created for warfare, and Killian's indifference is making it difficult to see past his robotic demeanor.

When Noel is attacked outside Killian's containment quarters, he is forced to intervene. The altruistic act instantly transforms their relationship, though neither will admit to the shift in sentiment. The predator is now the protector in Noel's eyes, and she's thrown off by her growing captivation.

As if her infatuation with a virtual stranger isn't enough of a distraction, she begins having terrifying nightmares. Her cryptic dreams appear to harbor an elusive warning as she watches them materialize into existence, proving the nightly visions foretelling. She begins to suspect the military base is concealing far more than an experimental soldier, and she can't shake the feeling Killian is the axis of the chaos. Noel must decide whether she'll accept the unconvincing explanations offered by her peers, or reject her comfortable environment for an unimaginable truth. With her premonitions pointing towards a violent outcome and her irrational draw to Killian becoming impossible to ignore, she realizes the choice has already been made for her. Noel's understanding of science is about to be shattered.
My Thoughts: I'm torn on how I feel about this book. I did like several aspects of it but I was slightly confused on the reasoning behind why some things happened. Namely, why did Killian and crew carry on their deception as long as they did when they knew that there was a potential for danger for Noel? That one stumps me. I understand the deception they used to get her there but once they had verified that she was who she was, why continue the lie? -pauses to think about it- Sorry, I got nothing.

Now, I did like the idea behind Killian and his people. I liked that he and Noel had an instant connection (insta-love, just add water. One of my favorites). However, I think I've been reading waaaaaay too many menage books because my first thought when Noel's mate problems were brought up was "Why choose? Two is better than one!" *creeps away*

One thing that did pull me out of the story was the excessive use of large caliber words. I like big words. I use big words. But I don't use big words to the exclusion of all others and there were times when I was left frowning over the word choices. This is a relatively minor issue but it did keep me from immersing myself completely in Killian and Noel's world.

While the mystery of why Noel was brought to this hidden base and what her place was in the new society she found herself in was explained, there were enough threads left to leave you wondering how book 2 would play out. Overall, it was an interesting idea but I was never entirely drawn into the world created.

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