Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review: Asher's Invention by Coleen Kwan

Asher's Invention by Coleen Kwan
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Five years ago, Asher Quigley broke his engagement to Minerva Lambkin, believing she was an accomplice in a scheme to steal his prototype for a wondrous device. Minerva swore she was innocent, though the thief--and Asher's mentor--was her own father.

Now, sheer desperation has driven Minerva to Asher's door. Her father has been kidnapped by investors furious that he's never been able to make the machine work. Only Asher, now a rich and famous inventor in his own right, can replicate the device. He's also become a hard, distant stranger far different from the young idealist she once loved.

Despite their troubled past, Asher agrees to help Minerva. He still harbors his suspicions about her, but their reunion stirs emotions and desires they both thought were buried forever. Can they rebuild their fragile relationship in time to save her father and their future together?
My Thoughts: Although admittedly light on the sexy times, this book was a fun little steampunk-y adventure. Asher and Minerva have a complicated relationship. Her father’s betrayal of Asher’s trust shattered both of them and only the most dire of circumstances brings Minerva to Asher’s door now. He’s a little more jaded and she’s uncertain of her reception, but they both can’t forget how they felt.

Minerva’s observations that Asher’s innocence in those around him was stolen by her father’s actions are remarkably spot-on. Asher no longer trusts blindly and he has a tough time at first feeling charitable toward Minerva when she shows up at his door. As for Minerva, she handles the situation she finds herself in with grace and dignity.

While I would have personally liked a little more groping in a darkened carriage – what? It’s a personal preference. I don’t apologize for it. – I enjoyed the overall feel of the world and that Minerva was a woman who stood strong against the odds. The bad guys were despicable and use of a ray gun is always a plus

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  1. Only groping sounds like a slight disappointment, if you ask me. I'm with you on that.

    Also, more steampunk! YAY!

  2. Sounds like a fun read! At least the steampunk filled in the loss of sexy times ... love a little steampunk once in a while!

    I'm pretty sure you and Amanda are the two people getting me into all of these sexy reads ... shame on you both! :)

    1. I feel no shame. The sexy reads need loving, too. They WANT you to read them. They NEED you to read them!

  3. I was surprised to find that I'm not a huge steampunk fan. Considering my nerdiness, I thought I would be. I'm not sure this series sounds like something I'd enjoy... specially considering the lack of groping :)

    1. Steampunk isn't for everyone and this book is definitely light on the sexy times.