Thursday, August 9, 2012

Review: Bonds of Justice by Nalini Singh

Bonds of Justice (Psy-Changeling #8) by Nalini Singh
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Max Shannon is a good cop, one of the best in New York Enforcement. Born with a natural shield that protects him against Psy mental invasions, he knows he has little chance of advancement within the Psy-dominated power structure. The last case he expects to be assigned is that of a murderer targeting a Psy Councilor's closest advisors. And the last woman he expects to compel him in the most sensual of ways is a Psy on the verge of a catastrophic mental fracture...

Sophia Russo is a Justice Psy, cursed with the ability to retrieve memories from men and women so twisted even veteran cops keep their distance. Appointed as Max's liaison with the Psy, she finds herself fascinated by this human, her frozen heart threatening to thaw with forbidden emotion. But. her mind filled with other people's nightmares, other people's evil, she's standing on the border between sanity and a silken darkness that urges her to take justice into her own hands, to become judge, jury and executioner....
My Thoughts: I enjoyed this book far more than I thought I would based on the lack of Changelings in the synopsis. Yes, I have a huge soft spot for those shifters. I like that feral, edgy side they all seem to have. But... this book worked for me. As an added plus, for once I wasn't skimming the Psy Council stuff. This shizz is getting interesting!

Things I liked: Sophie. I liked that she had already borderline broken her Silence because of the type of work she was forced to do. This book wasn't about her shattering the bonds of her self-control, but about her learning to live more fully with all these emotions roiling inside her. With Max, she was able to let go of the rigid emotionlessness that kept her safe from the other Psy and be herself. She was able to feel and learn and touch. Max's acceptance of her - including the parts that have to dispense bloody justice upon occasion - goes a long way toward giving her the confidence to give in.

Max. What can I say? I like a guy who can rise above a really crappy past and make something of himself. He's fascinated by Sophie from the beginning and things just get hotter and hotter the longer they spend near each other. Sexy Alpha males are sexy!

The past few books I've been iffy on the Psy Council stuff and the backstabbing politics and the double crossing. This one, though, it kept me reading. I like that things look like they're finally moving and we're beginning to see that not all the Council members are douchebags.

The lack of a Changeling main character could have scuttled this one for me, but Nalini Singh made Max and Sophie work. I'm not saying that I'm not excited to get back to those sexy shifters in the next book but I was thoroughly entertained this time around. *thumbs up*

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  1. Sounds like a good series! A lot of these paranormal series books are soo long, but I guess that's okay when you really like them.

    Max sounds like a great character ... definitely love the sexy alpha male. :)

    1. The series is VERY fun. Dark, sexy and with awesome characters. <3

  2. *glares at you* Why must you post these reviews of a couple books in series on one day? It's like you're trying to tell me I need to get on this series. I get it! I need to read this series! *runs off*

    1. *deflects death glare* It's my subtle way of reminding you about your series books. Clearly it's working.
      *evil laugh*