Thursday, August 2, 2012

Review: Demon from the Dark by Kresley Cole

Demon from the Dark (Immortals After Dark #9) by Kresley Cole
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Malkom Slaine: tormented by his sordid past and racked by vampiric hungers, he’s pushed to the brink by the green-eyed beauty under his guard.

Carrow Graie: hiding her own sorrows, she lives only for the next party or prank. Until she meets a tortured warrior worth saving.

In order for Malkom and Carrow to survive, he must unleash both the demon and vampire inside him. When Malkom becomes the nightmare his own people feared, will he lose the woman he craves body and soul?
My Thoughts: You guys know how I love my tormented heroes, right? Malkom ROCKED the tormented angle like nobody's business. I mean, whoa! Abused most of his life, living in the most craptastic demon dimension on record, and totally isolated... I just adored this guy. I'm not going to lie, the tats and piercings didn't hurt his cause IN THE LEAST.

Things that worked for me: The whole communication issue between Malkom and Carrow was well done. She doesn't speak Demonish, he doesn't speak English (for the most part) and yet they have to find a way to communicate. His very existence is so different from what she knows that they have a several amusing moments where they just aren't seeing things eye to eye - I'm thinking of the way Malkom attempts to woo Carrow with the severed heads. Hilarious!

Things that made me squirmy: The Order. Uggh. They're vile and awful and a whole bunch of other words that paint them in a bad light. It did take me a bit to get into the beginning of the book because of them. In some ways it felt like we were dropped in mid-story. Carrow's abduction was laid out at the end of book 8 (as were Regin's and Lothaire's) but it took a bit before I was comfortable (for lack of a better word) with the sudden change of venue. That said, I did like that so many hints were dropped as to where both Regin's and Lothaire's stories will take them. Also, loved La Dorada! She's gross and apocalyptic and she has her own personal minions. Yikes!

Big things are coming for the Lore allies and I'm ready for them. I think.

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  1. This one is my all time favorite!! Malkom just stole my heart and I love that he's such a caveman lol, but he's amazing with Carrow!! I savored every minute I had of them. Malkom deserves every bit of happiness and Cole was amazing with his story!

    I hate the order and in Regin's book it just gets worse. I'm still not all that comfortable with Regin's book. I won't say anything cuz I don't want to spoil it, so I'll wait till your review!

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

    1. My review for book 10 comes out tomorrow. I think the Order is pretty vile all around so... yeah. I won't say anything else here.

      Malkom was pretty awesome. I really loved how he "courted" Carrow. Lol! Total crack up.

  2. Obviously she never owned a cat if she didn't know severed heads = love.

    1. And why do we never see werepanthers or weretigers leaving their beloved half a moose on the front mat? I can't believe all the authors are leaving this important aspect of kitty love out of their books.