Friday, August 31, 2012

Review: The Franklin Incident by Raymond M. Rose

The Franklin Incident: A Philly-Punk Story by Raymond M. Rose
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Meet Jonathan Adams. Collector. Police consultant. Corpse...?

Philadelphia, 18__. When Jonathan Adams arrives at The Franklin Building, deep in the shadow of a mysterious airship, he finds scared servants, a concerned constable, and a maid with her head cleaved in two. For lurking in the hallways is a killer worse than anything Adams can imagine...

The Franklin Incident is the first story in a collection called Philly-Punk. Set in a steampunk-ish version of Philadelphia where the American Revolutionary War never happened, this Sci/Fi/Horror/Thriller short story introduces us to Jonathan Adams, professional collector of the macabre and consultant to the Philadelphia Constabulary. And the strange and deadly world he lives in.
My Thoughts: This was a dark and dirty little story that sets the stage for what feels like something that could blow my mind. Jonathan Adams looks to have a lot of layers. Deep, dark layers that hide something that might be better left hidden. Although possibly those hidden parts are just what Philadelphia needs to escape the grasp of terror coming down upon it. (I said that last part like a movie trailer in my head. I make myself laugh.)

With creeps and crawls aplenty and a main character that looks to be far, far more than he seems, we have the beginnings of something I'm looking forward to. Steampunk and corpses are my idea of a good time.

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The Franklin Incident was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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