Thursday, August 23, 2012

Review: Undone by Karin Slaughter

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Undone (Will Trent #3) by Karin Slaughter
Synopsis (Goodreads):
When a tortured young woman enters the trauma center of an Atlanta hospital, Dr. Sara Linton is thrust into a desperate police investigation with Special Agent Will Trent and his partner, Faith Mitchell. Though guarding their own wounds and their own secrets, Sara, Will, and Faith find that they are all that stand between a madman and his next victim.
My Thoughts: I can hardly get my thoughts in order after this book. It is probably one of the most compelling books I've read in a while. Between the brutal horror of what was done to the victims and the incredible characters that populated every piece of this novel, I am in awe of Karin Slaughter's storytelling abilities.

To start with... Will. For the love of small furry animals, SOMEBODY GIVE THAT MAN A HUG! AND A COOKIE! AND ANOTHER HUG! I adored him. I want more Will immediately. He's damaged and he makes some terrible choices in his personal life but he's a good man at heart. His upbringing colors his approach to the detective work he does in such an astounding way. He doesn't want to be "that cop" who's just as bad as the people he's investigating and the one time he snaps, it haunts him. He's methodical. He's kind. He *cares* about the world around him. His illiteracy makes him incredibly versatile in so many ways. He's managed to find ways around his inability to read and the more we got to see how his mind works, the more I wanted to see him triumph against all the odds thrown at him.

Faith. I didn't always like her. Not because of her bitchiness (which was pretty epic at times) but because of her bone deep denial about what was happening to her body. Dude. Suck it up. Go to the doctor. Get the facts. DEAL WITH IT. Part of me found her reaction to her medical issues entirely plausible and part of me wanted to shake her and chuck her head first into an exam room. Still, I liked her volatility against Will's placid approach to their job. She is an excellent foil for him as a partner.

Sara. I LOVED the chemistry she had with all the characters but especially Will. Since I kinda hate the direction his personal life is mired in, I think she is just what Will needs. Watching her come alive and *want* to help made her imminently likeable. Heck, I just liked Sara. She's got something that I'd like to see more of.

The bad guy does some truly horrendous things in this book and following the clues as the investigation team unravels the mystery was chilling. The reveal both surprised me and made perfect sense.

Bottom line: After just one book, I am irreversibly smitten with Will Trent. I want more of him. I want more time in his life. I want to see him toss the toxic Angie out like so much garbage. I want to see him have a decent shot at being happy. That's not too much to ask, is it?

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  1. Great review, Kelly! It sounds like a great read! You say it's your first read in the series, but it's the third book ... is it okay to read them out of order?

    I've heard awesome things about Karin Slaughter and now I need to see what Will is all about!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I had no problems following along. Did I get as much out of the characters that I would have if I had started with book 1? That, I don't know. I do however feel VERY secure in saying that Will Trent is one of my new favorite heroes. The guy is ... wonderfully damaged and very, very real.

  2. I picked up every single last one of these after reading Criminal! I will be having a Karin Slaughter read-a-thon at some point (probably over Christmas vacation) ;)

    1. I have books 2-5 now. I want to read them ASAP but part of me is afraid that I won't be able to handle all the pain that Will is in. OH, WILL!

    2. Will needs a hug! He is seriously a guy who has been through so darn much!

    3. I love the dude but I'm so scared. Hold me, Felicia. HOLD ME!