Thursday, September 6, 2012

Review: Stud by Cheryl Brooks

Stud (Cat Star Chronicles #8) by Cheryl Brooks
Synopsis (Goodreads):

Even for a Zetithian, Tarq Zulveidinoe's sexual prowess is legendary. Believing it's all he's good for, Tarq sets out to perpetuate his threatened species by offering his services to women across the galaxy...


Lucinda Force is the sensitive dark horse in a self-absorbed family, repeatedly told that no man will ever want such a plain woman. Lucy longs for romance, but is resigned to her loveless lot in life-until Tarq walks through the door of her father's restaurant on Talus Five...
My Thoughts: I've read everything except book 7 in this series and I have to say that I find it ridiculously fun. These are the books you pick up when you're having a so-so day and they end up making you smile. What's not to like here? You get a race of feline aliens who are so good at wooing the ladies that their entire planet was destroyed in a fit of jealousy. Did you read that last sentence? They're so good at boning that the ladies are never left unsatisfied. WIN!

Tarq's belief that he's less than everyone around him and is only good at making babies - and sexin' up the ladies to make the babies - because he can't read, was sad. He's learned to work around this disability - color coding his belongings, flirting with women so they'd help him - but it's shaped his life in so many ways. He truly believes that the only thing he's good for is stud duty. Even when he's in the wilderness surviving off the land and making bows out of tree branches to protect his group, he's humble. It made him so terribly sweet.

Lucy suffers from the same self-esteem issues as Tarq for entirely different reasons. She looks at him and can't imagine what he could ever see in plain-Jane Lucy. She's entirely resigned to loving him and then giving him up because she can't imagine anyone as beautiful and worldly as he is would want to settle down with someone like her. Between the two of them, their issues and lack of self-esteem cause more problems than anything.

While the resolution of Tarq and Lucy admitting their feelings for one another sort of popped up without much warning, I loved seeing Tarq blossom in his role as a leader in the wilds. While he was never truly comfortable with everyone relying on him, he did it very well. Lucy, also, came into her own once she escaped the stifling confines of her family. All in all, I'd have to say that this was a fun romp with one very sexy alien who likes to give his ladies pleasure like no other. I approve.

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3. Rogue
4. Outcast
5. Fugitive
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8. Stud - Paperback | Kindle
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  1. I've only read the 1st book in this series & I so want to move on to the others. I really need to change my reviewing/blogging priorities! Great review, thanks for sharing all the awesome I'm really missing out on.

    1. The series is FUN! My favorite (in case you're wondering) is Outcast. Now I want to read it again!

  2. Aliens, huh? o.O

    MAYBE I'll check it out ... if you say so!

    1. Feline aliens who are so sexually gifted that they bring their ladies to peak every time with their orgasmic cock fluid. NOT KIDDING ABOUT THIS! Best idea EVER!

    2. Lol! I decided to reread book 1 again. SUCH FUN!

  3. Oh, sexy sci-fi? This doesn't sound like something you'd enjoy at all. =P

    1. I know! I really stepped outside of my comfort zone, didn't I?

  4. Aliens and you read it? NO WAY! I mean I am shocked. This doesn't seem like a you book at all :)

    Actually I read and enjoyed book 1 and meant to get back to the series. I hope to one day :)

    1. Seriously, the series is just fun. If you're having a day when you need a pick me up, grab one of these books.