Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Review: Enemy Overnight by Robin L. Rotham

Enemy Overnight (Overnight #1) by Robin L. Rotham
Synopsis (Goodreads):
The last time Jasmine King was aboard the Heptoral, she escaped by the skin of her teeth. This time she won't be so lucky. Trapped on a ship full of sex-starved aliens and out of the pheromone blocker that holds off her physical transition, Jasmine makes a desperate escape attempt...and fails. The consequences are disastrous-she's mated to three horny warriors, and one has a huge bone to pick with her. What's a girl to do but fall in love?

The last time Shauss saw Jasmine, the deceitful little Terran stole his bondmate from under his nose. This time he won't be so trusting. Finally master of his own bond, Shauss names secondary mates Jasmine feels safe with...and lives to regret it. One can't stop puking long enough to claim her. The other challenges Shauss' supremacy by digging into his psyche at every turn. What's a Dom to do but bed them all into submission? He sets out to do just that, but his domination takes a brutal turn when he discovers Jasmine's deadly secret...

Reader Advisory: Contains a sultry female/female sex scene.
My Thoughts: When last we left our double penetrating heroes, things were chaotic. This book backs us up a bit (not literally, because the backdoor stuff comes later) story-wise and throws us right in the thick of things as Jasmine nearly kills herself by trusting the wrong alien. I liked seeing things from her perspective. She came across as bitchy and cold in book 1 but, really, she was doing what she thought was the right thing. It wasn't her fault that she trusted someone who shouldn't have been trusted. Hey. Come to think of it, that's kind of a theme with her, isn't it?

Right. So, Jasmine is forced into a situation that she's entirely unprepared for. She's overwhelmed by Shauss and he's just the right sort of dominating to get her motor revving. Which throws her off kilter because she's trying SO hard to deny her feelings for him. I liked that they had a frank discussion about her inability to orgasm (and that the reason why she couldn't made sense given her physiology) and that Shauss then set out to find away around this problem. You have to respect a guy who gives things his all like that!

I LOVED that Monica broached the issue about why the Garathani males never turned to one another sexually. It put a whole lot of thoughts in Shauss' head and when he eventually decided to embrace his dominant side completely it was sex-ay.

Overall, this was the sort of fun, sexy, double penetrating alien ride that a sexy sci-fi lover will adore. You get all the action you can handle plus a set of restraints.

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  1. Yay! This was your Summer Series reward book, right? Glad you enjoyed those double-penetrating aliens!

    1. Yes, it was. Thank you very much for motivating me on that! For the record, those double-penetrating aliens know how to deliver the goods. For serious!

  2. All the action and restraints? hubba hubba!

    Actually I would probably love this. Need to keep these in mind for a sexy Saturday read :)

    1. Book 1 was ridiculously entertaining. I was so excited to read this one!