Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Review: Serengeti Sins by Vivi Andrews

Serengeti Sins by Vivi Andrews
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Once love catches fire, no mere force of nature can hold it back.

Serengeti Storm
Bred to be the Alpha’s consort, Shana seethes when he chooses another mate. Standing between her and her destined place is Caleb, the royal enforcer. Her former lover.

Assigned to keep the she-cat in line, Caleb must use his body to save her from herself. Now if only he can save his battered heart from the volcanic desire that never went dormant.

Serengeti Lightning
Logic—and her biological clock—means Mara must cross Michael off her list of potential mates. His rare genetic malady disqualifies her delicious sex buddy as daddy material.

Slink away while she steps into the arms of another man? No way. The tricky part will be convincing his over-analytical lover to listen to her heart.

Serengeti Sunrise
Zoe has a bad case of wanderlust…and the hots for commitment-shy Tyler, who sets her on fire one second, then walks away the next.

When Zoe demands a no-strings affair, temptation wins and Tyler finds himself thinking mine. But Zoe’s plan to hit the road doesn’t include white picket fences…

Warning: This book contains strong willed shifters, manipulations (in and out of the bedroom), hot sex and second chances.

My Thoughts: Three short stories focusing on the Minor siblings. Check out my review for Serengeti Heat (Serengeti Shifters #1) to see how little sister Ava snared the big, bad Alpha of their pride.

Serengeti Storm (Serengeti Shifters #2): Given what a total bitch Shana is in book #1 and at the beginning of this story, I consider it a phenomenal act of writing that I actually ended up liking her.  The woman is poison to everyone she sets her sights on.  She's been twisted by her lust for power and she's willing to walk over anyone who gets in her way.  And then you see why she acts the way she does and the repercussions her actions have on her and you can't help but feel a little niggle of sympathy for her. Fantastic!

Serengeti Lightning (Serengeti Shifters #3): I always tend to enjoy stories where the main characters have known each other for a while.  The fact that these two were smoking between the sheets made it even sweeter.  It's like you skip the foreplay and go straight to the good stuff, but you still get the emotion in there.  That's nice every once in a while.  Sure, sometimes I like the slow build-up but sometimes you just want to jump in with both feet and a sledgehammer.

What were talking about again? Err... right. I liked.

Serengeti Sunrise (Serengeti Shifters #4): Zoe and Tyler. The Alpha's little sis and the eldest of the Minor siblings. They both have their issues with commitment and they both fight against how they feel in their own way. All that pushing and pulling against what they want is pretty sexy. Excellent ending to the Minors' fall into coupledom.

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  1. "Sure, sometimes I like the slow build-up but sometimes you just want to jump in with both feet and a sledgehammer."


    1. Ha! I stand by my word choice! AND A SLEDGEHAMMER!

  2. I do consider phenomenal writing when an author can make me like a character that I disliked from another book. I have had a few do that to me and love it when it happens :)

    I need to check out this series!