Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review: Rogue by Cheryl Brooks

Rogue (Cat Star Chronicles #3) by Cheryl Brooks
Synopsis (Goodreads):
No woman has ever tamed him before...
Enslaved for years, Tychar belongs to the Queen of Darconia. His feline gene gives him remarkable sexual powers and every female on the planet is in love with him. Then, the Queen gives him to Kyra...

Does she even stand a chance?
Or will she be just another one of his conquests? Why would he choose the modest piano teacher? Yet the two are drawn to each other with a powerful, magnetic attraction unlike any he's felt before... Then the palace is attacked in a coup, and Tychar has to choose between freedom and love...
My Thoughts: So... I totally think I'm starting to sound like a broken record with this series but I have so much fun with these books. It's straightforward romance with a very naughty cat and the lady he wants to be with. No angst. No dark meanderings about the human condition. Just... fun! Okay, so Tychar is a slave and slavery is bad and, yes, that is addressed. And there's the whole thing with Trag, Ty's brother, and how he feels left out and he just wants a lady friend of his own but it worrrrrrks. And it doesn't make me feel all mopey when I'm done. I feel more like YAY! THOSE CATS HAVE EXCELLENT PENILE CONTROL AND ALL THAT JOY JUICE THAT CAUSES INSTANTANEOUS ORGASMS!WANT MOAR NOW!

This time around we have Ty and Trag who have spent the last 20 years as the pampered pets of a lizard queen on the far reaches of space. Enter Kyra, mild mannered piano teacher. Ty takes to her. She takes to him. Boom! The orgasms start flowing. So to speak. There's also a minor, little, teeny, tiny palace coup they get involved in but, really, this book is all about the orgasms.

Just in case you missed it earlier, these books are fun. *This* book is fun. Fun fun fun. Fun with naughty feline aliens who like to give their women joy like none they've ever known. That's not an empty boast, people. They really do give it to them and give it to them and give it to them. And then they go one more round just because they can.

I'm having a fun time rereading this series. Can you tell?

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