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Review: Blood Reign by G.A. Colin

Blood Reign (Sons of Apollyon #2) by G.A. Colin
Synopsis (Goodreads):
The Craigslist killer was dead, but the mystery has just begun. Elisabeth 'Bets' St. James had thought once the killer was stopped, all they had to do was find the ghoul that had developed a taste for O.S.U. students. They soon learned that the killer was only a pawn sacrificed in an opening move. Shane had thought he was sent to Columbus to kill a rogue vampire. Instead, he found that he was the target. Cut off by his kind, his only allies are Bets, her police detective uncle and his partner and a young federal agent. On top of finding the ghoul, the five had to fight off assassins sent by the Countess Bathory. Locate the missing Lola and find out why a political party paid for the car rental of the killer. If that wasn't enough, a new threat has come to Columbus that could be more dangerous than Apollyon.
My Thoughts: I'm torn on this book. I enjoy how we're getting to meet some of the most infamous individuals in history and that their stories are tweaked and twisted just a bit to keep us guessing but there was one event that happens to our hero that left me making disgusted faces. I can only hope that Shane's time with Lola while he was without his memory is addressed at a later date because the way things are standing right now, I was a little squicked out by what happened.

The cast of characters is getting big -- to the point where it took me a moment or two to place who person A was when they popped up in a scene. I also keep thinking that there is NO WAY all this supernatural stuff can be kept hidden much longer with the way our main characters keep secretly telling people about the vampires left and right. On the other hand, if a big, apocalyptic happening is about to take place, maybe the secrecy thing is moot.

We're left on a cliffhanger, a big happening that couldn't be anything but game changing, and I am curious to see how Bets and Shane get out of the mess they're in. The good guys are floundering, the bad guys keep winning little battles, and BIG STUFF is on the horizon. I have no idea how all this will play out. None. I'm going to have to keep reading to find out.

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