Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review: Nobody's Angel by Stacy Gail

Nobody's Angel (Earth Angels #1) by Stacy Gail
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Investigative journalist Kendall Glynn is horrified when a friend and colleague signs off permanently during a live newscast, jabbing a pen into his jugular. Kendall's no expert, but judging by the strange white veil in the anchorman's eyes, she would swear he was a man possessed.

A descendant of the accursed Nephilim, Zeke Reece prowls San Francisco by night, keeping the city free from paranormal phenomena. But even he is no match for whatever malevolent force is behind a recent rash of murder-suicides. And when a beautiful tenacious reporter becomes the next target, Zeke has no choice but to stay close to her, until he can find the evil spirit and cross it over.

The closer Kendall gets to the truth, the more danger she's in. Fortunately, a sexy and mysterious masked stranger keeps swooping in to the rescue. Kendall's life depends on finding who or what is responsible for the killings, before it finds her.
My Thoughts: I have a deep, dark secret to admit to. Prepare yourself. I am smitten. Both with Stacy Gail's writing and the fact that the beautiful man on the cover of this book is not waxed to within an inch of his life. *swoon* Also, his wings are kinda awesome.

Now, Kendall and Zeke have this smoldering longing going on. The type that makes you want them to smoosh together in a small, enclosed space and possibly get sweaty. Or just kiss. Whichever. They have the sneaking looks and the throbbing loins and all that other stuff that's pure awesome. I'm a sucker for this type of smolder. An absolute sucker.

*ahem* Right. So, Zeke's ancestry and the gifts he's been given are intriguing. Kendall's probing, investigative-type questions about the consequences of using his gifts opened up a whole world of possibilities that I hope we get to explore with others of his kind in later books.

The book was just flat out fun. It was dark, often dangerous, and definitely sexy. Stacy Gail has created a compelling set of characters and a bad guy that was skin-crawlingly creepy. I'm ready for the next book.

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  1. I'm sorry, what? I'm too busy drooling over the cover.

    1. I think I sent this cover to Felicia and we had a mutual drooling session the other day. *pets the cover*