Friday, March 29, 2013

Review: Beyond Denial by Kit Rocha

Beyond Denial (Beyond #2.5) by Kit Rocha
Synopsis (Goodreads):
DABWAHA is a yearly event run by popular blogs Dear Author and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books where readers fill out brackets pitting beloved books against one another and then engage in a couple weeks of all-out warfare as they try to encourage people to vote in the best interests of their bracket–or in the worst interests of the brackets of people in the lead.

In 2013, Beyond Shame was one of the 2012 finalists pitted against some of our personal favorites in the Paranormal and Speculative Romance subgenres. In the tradition of bribery and mayhem, we offered to provide a deleted scene featuring Ace and his friend Jared at the O’Kane party held for the Sector Three recruits, as seen in Beyond Control.
Kelly's note: I wasn't going to review this awesome little cut scene on the blog originally but... did you see that cover? *fans self* Yeah. Ace is one of my favorites and ... WOW!

My Thoughts: Holy smokes! Guys. GUYS. If you aren't reading this series you are missing out on some frighteningly complex characters. This scene perfectly illustrates how wonderful and dark and deep these guys can be. We get longing and lust, guy on guy touching (and beyond), and some unintentional voyeurism that is downright HOT. The beautiful thing is that it's just a fraction of what you'll find in the full-length novels.

If you want to give the books a whirl but aren't sure if they're for you... here you go. You might not get all the nuances of why the party is being held (book 2 has the answers to that) but you can see how magnificently sexy the men in this world are. And how tangled up they are when their emotions come into play.


Books in this series
1. Beyond Shame
2. Beyond Control
2.5. Beyond Denial - available on Kit Rocha's website
3. Beyond Pain
4. Beyond Jealousy

Author Links
Kit Rocha is the non-paranormal pen name for one of my favorite authors, Moira Rogers. Moira Rogers is the pen name of the fabulous writing duo Bree and Donna. Work your head around that.
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Beyond Denial was a free download I picked up from the author's website on 03/23/13 for the Why Buy the Cow? Reading Challenge.

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