Friday, March 22, 2013

Review: Vivian's Return by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Vivian's Return by Tracy Cooper-Posey
Synopsis (Goodreads):
For five years Vivian and Paul were together, constantly challenging each other to greater and more daring feats. Paul flew helicopters and often helped in sea searches and rescues. Vivien won championships in all the dangerous sports—windsurfing, scuba diving, rock climbing, and flying. Through it all, Paul was right there beside her.

Until suddenly and without explanation, after a sea rescue that went horribly wrong, Vivien left town.

Seven years have passed and Vivien has returned. Why is she back? And what will happen when she meets Paul?
My Thoughts: This book took me by surprise. In a good way. Early on, the two main characters say they're no longer in love with one another after the heartache they've both experienced and they say it convincingly enough that I was all "but WHAT am I going to be reading about during the rest of the book if their love is dead in the water?" When the two come to the revelation that *maybe* they were slightly wrong when they insisted they no longer had those feelings for one another it felt very organic -- it was the moment where a metaphorical lightbulb goes on and you realize that the things you had been repeating to yourself over and over and over again didn't become true just because you kept saying them.

Where did that leave me, as a reader? Captivated by their story, that's where. Vivian wasn't wrong to leave Paul over what he did seven years earlier. Yeah, maybe she could have handled it a little differently but her reasons were valid. Paul has the overprotective thing going for him. The idea of Vivian getting hurt paralyzed him with fear, so he does everything he can to make sure she won't be hurt. And in doing so, he stifled her and hurt her anyway. I wasn't sure how he'd pull through and see things from her point of view, but Vivian was wily and forced the issue.

Strong women rock!

Interesting and fast-paced, Vivian and Paul have to work together to heal the wounds they inflicted on one another and watching them dance around the issues before facing them head on was fun. Very fun.

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