Thursday, March 7, 2013

Series Review: Bred by the Alien Tentacle by Audrey Grace

Audrey Grace gives us a series that is equal parts sexy and creepy. Alien tentacles, forced breeding, and strange new worlds await...

Note: This series contains themes of dubious consent. As I would assume the phrase "forced breeding" implies. Consider yourself warned.

Books in the Bred by the Alien Tentacle series
1. Bred by the Alien Tentacle - Kindle
2. Bred by the Alien Tentacle 2 - Kindle
3. Bred by the Alien Tentacle 3 - Kindle
Bred by the Alien Tentacle Trilogy Bundle - Kindle

Bred by the Alien Tentacle
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Julie Sanders and a small team are sent to create a 'New Eden' on a distant moon. When their scanners pick up a life form reading, possibly intelligent, they investigate. An unexpected storm leaves Julie stranded in a cave, and at the mercy of an alien creature with tentacles...
My Thoughts: I liked this one, I really did, but I'm kinda wondering if Julie was really enjoying it (and I don't mean enjoying it in the sense of "did she reach completion", because she totally did that. A couple of times.) or if it was all the alien. You know, pumping her full of endorphins and stuff. No, wait. Not pumping her... well, yes, I did mean that. Okay. Why does everything I say sound so dirty to me right now? Don't answer that.

Sooooo... cool set-up on a distant world. I liked the secondary characters quite a bit. I'm hoping that the next installment gives us a little more on the alien and why he's doing what he does and how he does it. I mean, I know *why* he's doing it. I've read my fair share of impregnation erotica. But... whhhhhhy? Why her? Why now?

I liked it, okay? I liked it and I liked it when the tentacles get all up in our character's business. *thumbs up*

Bred by the Alien Tentacle 2
Synopsis (Goodreads):
When a terraforming team disappears on New Eden, Emerald Jewel and Charlize Winters of The Eden Initiative put together a squad to investigate. Upon arriving, they find one of the surviving members of the first team. But they also find an alien with tentacles, and are at its mercy...
My Thoughts: Picking up several months after the events in BBTAT, a new set of breeding victims rescue team is sent to investigate the lack of communication with the original team. BAD THINGS HAPPEN... or good things depending on whether you're getting your brain manipulated by the alien horde living in the cavernous depths.

I'm going to have to say that after months of being influenced by the alien's special brand of mental manipulation, Julie (the original breeder) is creepy in the extreme. She's so content and happy with the fact that she's being used as a walking womb for this entity. She sees it as a good life. I mean, she's definitely into it. She gets lots of orgasms and all her needs are taken care of and she's so very, very pleased with all her little alien babies. And now she's drawing Emerald and Charlize into her world at the behest of the alien. CREEPY!

Fun and intriguing in a shudder-inducing sort of way. I'm going to freely admit that I am really loving this foray into alien tentacle sex.

Bred by the Alien Tentacle 3
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Experts Shirley Reynolds and Scarlett Sorros are charged with making contact with an alien tentacle species captured and brought to Earth. But when they encounter the full force of the alien's telepathic power, they are unable to resist, and are at the alien's mercy...
My Thoughts: You want to know what I loved here? ALL MY QUESTIONS WERE ANSWERED! The reasoning behind why the alien did what it did, its master plan, EVERYTHING. I love it when things come together like that.

Things are bleak in this installment. Shirley and Scarlett uncover something that is game-changing and things won't ever be the same. Oh, and they also get knocked up and pleasured six ways to Sunday. Which is nothing less than I expected, really. Those alien tentacles know how to treat a lady right! You know, if by "treat a lady right" I mean that they suppress all their inhibitions and make them crave what the alien craves. *nods*

Very fun (in a dark way), this trilogy isn't for the faint of heart. The alien has an agenda and the ladies it comes across (heh) are going to help whether they want to or not.

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  1. Oh, tentacle sex. You are so good to us!

    1. RIGHT??? Nothing says lovin' like tentacles getting all up in your business!

  2. Oh, dear SWEET baby Jesus. There are THREE of them? All with the same damn cover...

    Seriously not for the faint of heart. You're a much braver and bolder soul than me. *snaps*

    1. Tentacles need love, too!

      These were fun, to be honest. You really have to go into them with the right frame of mind, though. They're just... fun.

  3. I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try this series...

  4. I am so not brave enough for these but they do sound quite fun!

    Holy heck!

  5. Replies
    1. The covers for the next series are similar, except it's Mars in the background!