Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Series Review: Bred by the Alien Tentacle on Mars by Audrey Grace

Audrey Grace's follow-up to the Bred by the Alien Tentacle Trilogy borders on creepy (alien entity forces compliance with its schemes through mind manipulation) while still making me want the alien to succeed in its plan.

Note: Themes of dubious consent remain. As do the screaming orgasms.

Books in the Bred by the Alien Tentacle on Mars series
1. Bred by the Alien Tentacle on Mars - Kindle
2. Bred by the Alien Tentacle on Mars 2 - Kindle
3. Bred by the Alien Tentacle on Mars 3 - Kindle
Bred by the Alien Tentacle on Mars Trilogy Bundle - Kindle

Bred by the Alien Tentacle on Mars
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Elizabeth Stone is part of Mission: Earth, an initiative to rebuild the planet left in ruins by an alien invasion. But when one of the enigmatic aliens is discovered, she quickly finds herself at the mercy of the alien's telepathic power, its insatiable and lustful appetite, and a dozen thick tentacles...
My Thoughts: Clearly the leader of Mission: Earth DID NOT read the first trilogy or she'd have known that keeping one of these entities alive when the team stumbles upon it is a disaster waiting to happen. Silly humans, thinking they have the capability to contain this type of alien. Silly, doomed humans.

Sooooo... the population of Earth has been decimated by the alien breeders, the aliens have died out, and the colonists on Mars are aiming to start rebuilding the planet and the population. Obviously things do not go as planned. Let me rephrase that... things do not go as the humans plan. I think the alien ends up getting what it wants. And then it gives it to Liz so that she gets what she wants. If you know what I mean.

I'm really enjoying that this story is building on the events in the first trilogy while giving enough information to be a standalone. Alien tentacle breeding, who knew it would be so fun?

Bred by the Alien Tentacle on Mars 2
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Miranda Orto, mercenary operative, is sent to track down two fugitives. They've kidnapped the sole surviving member of the telepathic alien species responsible for Earth's destruction. But when she encounters the lustful alien, and the its insatiable telepathic power, she finds herself at its mercy...
My Thoughts: Part of me thinks that I shouldn't want the alien to find a way to make oodles of babies with women who are being mind-manipulated to enjoy it. But then, the other part of me really wants the alien to go on an impregnating rampage to prove that Isabelle Fawkes was wrong in trying to use it for whatever nefarious purpose she was planning to use it for.  Alien tentacles: 1, power-hungry bitch: 0.

This installment is serious amounts of fun with enough character backstory to make it engaging. Yeah, the forced breeding is borderline skeevy but at least the alien leaves everybody feeling happy at their circumstances. VERY happy if the amount of orgasms are anything to go on.

Bred by the Alien Tentacle on Mars 3
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Isabelle Fawkes is after the two scientists who stole her alien life form - the sole surviving member of the species that all but wiped out humanity. The alien is protected by a group of women and Isabelle knows not why. But when she is invited to speak to the enigmatic life form, she quickly finds herself at the mercy of its awesome telepathic might, as well as its potent and insatiable lust...
My Thoughts: I'm not quite sure if I should think of the alien as a good guy here -- it's just trying to find a place to breed its lady friends in peace, after all -- or if I should be bemoaning the way it can so easily manipulate the people it comes into contact with. I'm honestly leaning toward the good guy end of the spectrum. Admittedly, its ancestors brought about the end of life on Earth but this particular alien is just trying to live and procreate. And it seems like it's learned something since it's not killing off all the menfolk. On the other hand... its ancestors killed off all the earth men and bred the women non-stop. I'm conflicted. Thanks a lot, Audrey Grace, for making me all confused about my feelings for this thing.

Now, I'm not confused about Isabelle Fawkes. She's a bad lady. Does she deserve to have multiple orgasms with the tentacles? I don't know. On the other hand, having her will stripped from her after all the things she's done was kind of poetic justice.

You know what? I liked this whole series. It's fun and you have to go into it knowing that it's about an alien species that forcibly breeds human women. It's FUN, guys. FUN! With tentacles! And screaming orgasms! *thumbs up*

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