Friday, March 22, 2013

Under the Ever Night read-along: Through the Ever Night Part 1

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Through the Ever Night: Chapters 1-21

1. Perry and Aria choose to hide their relationship from his tribe because they feared the tribe’s reaction. Have you ever been in a situation where you hid a relationship or friendship from your family? (Chapter 2)
Nooooo. (that long drawn out 'no' was me trying to think of a time this happened and failing, just so you know) Sometimes I try to hide my friendship with Amanda but she keeps climbing out of the box I shoved her in. *stares at Amanda*

2. Does a leader–like Perry–have a responsibility to put his life ahead of everyone else’s so that he survives or is his responsibility to take care of his tribe no matter the cost? Why? (Chapter 7)
OMG! This is a tough question. On the surface, I'd say that, as a leader, it's Perry's responsibility to protect himself for the good of the tribe BUT... Perry wouldn't be the man he was if he didn't put others ahead of himself. Perry's strength is that he isn't willing to give up. When others say it's impossible, he keeps looking for a way around the problem. I'm also of the belief that a true leader wouldn't ask more of his people than he's willing to give. Perry epitomizes this when he's willing to risk his life to save one of his the tribe. Man, Perry pretty much rocks, doesn't he???

3. Why do you think Aria made the right–or wrong–decision to leave Perry and go off on her on? (Chapter 15)
Both! I think she did the right thing at the time, but I don't think she should have left without telling Perry what was going on. Although, in all honesty, I don't think Perry would have listened to her arguments. So... maybe she did do the right thing.

4. Soren–the reason Aria ever met Perry in the first place–makes an appearance in Chapter 18. What do you think: do you trust or distrust him? Why?
I did not trust him in that initial meeting. While I understand that his actions at the beginning of UtNS were caused by a sort of chemical imbalance, I couldn't shake the memory of what he had done in the ruined pod. His actions caused people to die and I was on my toes the entire time he and Aria were talking, thinking he was about to go batshit crazy again and betray her somehow.



    1. *smooshes you back down*
      Bend your knees more. You'll fit JUST FINE!

  2. Aria just say good-bye, because it would have led to an emotional scene packed with tears, kissing & touching. But agreed. He probably wouldn't have let her go. But I was so sad that he thought she left because he couldn't protect her.