Friday, March 29, 2013

Under the Ever Night read-along: Through the Ever Night part 2

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Through the Ever Night: Chapters 22-42

1. Aria and Roar finally meet Sable in Chapter 22. What is your first impression of him? Does your impression change through the book?
Douche.canoe. I didn't trust him from his first little trick he played on Aria. I moved into active loathing territory when he flaunted his relationship with Liv in front of Roar knowing that the two of them were close. I'm sorry but Roar's my boy. You hurt him, I'll shank you! To be honest, my impression of him just got worse and worse as the story went on. While I can understand that he's between a rock and a hard place in some respects, I.don'

2. Things happen with Liv in Chapter 32. Share your thoughts on what happens.
*cries like a baby* I'm actually of the belief that we'll see Liv again in book 3. Things were happening so quickly in those moments that Aria and Roar couldn't confirm that what they think happened truly happened. They saw her fall. They saw blood. I BELIEVE SHE'LL RETURN TO THEM AND ALL WILL BE WELL IN THE WORLD! *cries some more*

3. In Chapter 41, Perry makes a decision to offer refuge to some new people–how do you think this will play out in Into the Still Blue?
I think Perry made the right decision simply because they're no longer Outsiders and Dwellers. They're just a bunch of scared people trying to survive. And if they truly want to survive, they're going to have to work together. That's kinda a theme, isn't it? Perry and Aria are stronger together than they are apart. Roar and Liv are... No, it's too soon. I can't talk about them yet. Bottom line, I think that it's going to be through the efforts of both groups that they survive what's coming. How? I don't know. But I feel it in my bones.

4. What do you think the Still Blue is? How is it protected from the Aether?
I'm tempted to say an island but I don't know how an island would be protected from the Aether. I mean, the ocean doesn't mystically hold the storms at bay. So, there must be something more. BUT WHAT? How about... a line of magnetic beacons that... yeah, I don't know.


  1. LIV WILL BE BACK. I firmly believe that. THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION.

  2. I refuse to believe anything else about LIV!

  3. I am hoping for a Liv & Roar double-shank of Sable in Book 3. I agree. They didn't really get to stop and check her pulse. So hopefully long-live Liv. Douche-canoe is a perfect description. Thanks Hearne for that little nugget.

    Amy @

    1. I could watch some double-shanking. Some people deserve it after what they did. *glares at Sable* What a jerk.