Monday, April 1, 2013

Seriously Series 'Ssessment - Kelly tackles Round 1

Our first check-in! I've been referring to the first three months of the year as "Round 1" on my Seriously Series page (because I'm wiping out my totals as of the beginning of April [excluding the rereads] and starting all over again) and I'm going to carry that over for the year.

I'm not going to lie, I had a good three months.

By category:
Series started in 2013: 22/18
Series started before 2013: 29/18
Series rereads: 4/12

By month:
  • New series:
    • Completed: 5
      • The Artists Trilogy (Sins & Needles)
      • Earth Angels (Nobody's Angel, Savage Angel)
      • The Human Revolt (Vampire Miami)
      • Magnocracy (Vacant Graves)
      • Otherworld Assassin (Last Kiss Goodnight)
    • Started, not completed: 2
      • Deadwood Mystery (Nearly Departed in Deadwood)
      • Dream Catchers (Wake, Cabel's Story)
  • Old series:
    • Completed: 9
      • Darkest Powers (Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 2)
      • Furry United Coalition (Swan and the Bear, Croc and the Fox) 
      • The Montgomerys and Armstrongs (Highlander Most Wanted) 
      • The Protector (Release)
      • Seasons of the Moon (Gray Moon Rising) 
      • Shadowlands (Kiss of the Goblin Prince)
      • Tales of the Underlight (How Beauty Saved the Beast)
      • Vampire Erotic Theatre (Bewitch)
      • Young Adult Alien Huntress (Blacklisted)
    • Started, not completed: 3 
      • The Iron Druid Chronicles (Tricked) 
      • Madison Avery (Early to Death, Early to Rise) 
      • Under the Never Sky (Roar and Liv)
  • Rereads:
    • Completed: 2 
      • Bloodhounds (Wilder's Mate, Merrick's Destiny, Hunter's Prey, Archer's Lady)
      • Darkest Powers (The Summoning, The Awakening, The Reckoning, Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 1)
    • Started, not completed: 3 
      • Dark-Hunter Universe (Fantasy Lover, Night Pleasures, Night Embrace, Dance with the Devil) 
      • Elder Races (Dragon Bound)
      • Morganville Vampires (Glass Houses, The Dead Girls' Dance)
  • New series:
    • Completed: 7 
      • Carnality (Carnal Desires, Carnal Attraction, Carnal Denial) 
      • Deadwood Mystery (Optical Delusions in Deadwood, Dead Case in Deadwood)
      • Lost City Shifters (Rebellion) 
      • Prides of the Moon (Amber Moon, Emerald Moon, Turquoise Moon, Onyx Moon, Amethyst Moon)
      • Sleepy Hollow (Lightning, Thunder, Frost) 
      • Taken by the Pack (Full Moon, Star-Kissed, Midnight Eyes, Nightfire) 
      • Vampire Venator (Forbidden Blood)
    • Started, not completed: 2
      • Dream Catcher (Fade)
      • SEALs On Fire (Coyote Heat, Dagger's Edge, Jonesin' For Action)
  • Old series:
    • Completed: 8 
      • Colbana Files (Night Blade) 
      • Gaslight Chronicles (Cards & Caravans) 
      • The Iron Druid Chronicles (Trapped) 
      • Lunar Chronicles (Scarlet) 
      • Madison Avery (Something Deadly This Way Comes) 
      • Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor (Trace of Fever)
      • Secret McQueen (Grave Secret) 
      • Shatter Me (Unravel Me)
    • Started, not completed: 3 
      • Alien Abduction (Intentional Abduction, Dual Abduction) 
      • The Seer (Last Dance) 
      • Stud Club (Twice Tempted by a Rogue)
  • Rereads:
    • Completed: - none -
    • Started, not completed: 2
      • Dark-Hunter Universe (Kiss of the Night, Night Play, Seize the Night) 
      • Morganville Vampires (Midnight Alley, Feast of Fools)
  • New series:
    • Completed: 10 
      • Boys of Summer (Pitch Perfect)
      • Brothers Sinister (The Governess Affair)
      • Corine Solomon (Blue Diablo)
      • Edgewood (Edgewood)
      • Good Gods (Deer in Headlights)
      • Kasadya (Kasadya: Hellhound Awakened)
      • Necessary Evil (Temping is Hell)
      • Portal Arcane (Reversion)
      • Revivalist (Working Stiff)
      • SEALs On  Fire (Jagger's Moves, Melting Ice, Touching Ghost, Conquering Zeus)
    • Started, not completed: 1
      • Lords of Deliverance (Eternal Rider)
  • Old series:
    • Completed: 12 
      • Beyond (Beyond Control)
      • Bound (Bound in Darkness, Bound by the Night)
      • Champion of the Sidhe (Keeper of Secrets)
      • Darkest London (Moonglow)
      • The Edge (Steel's Edge)
      • Lakeland Heatwave (Elemental Fire)
      • Rise of the Unseelie (Uprising)
      • Rulers of Darkness (Caressed by a Crimson Moon)
      • Shadows of Destiny (Destined for Harmony)
      • Songs of Magic (Fairyvision)
      • Touched (Captivated)
      • Under the Never Sky (Through the Ever Night)
    • Started, not completed: 3'
      • Blood of Eden (The Eternity Cure)
      • Cyborgs: More Than Machines (F814)
      • Jasper Dent (Career Day, Neutral Mask)
  • Rereads:
    • Completed: 2 
      • Bound (Bound by Blood, Bound in Sin)
      • Cyborgs: More Than Machine (C791)
    • Started, not completed: 3
      • Dark-Hunter Universe (Sins of the Night, Unleash the Night, Dark Side of the Moon)
      • Elder Races (Storm's Heart)
      • Morganville Vampires (Lord of Misrule, Carpe Corpus)

Goodbye numbers! I shall miss you! Now, onto Round 2!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm rather pleased with what I accomplished. Now if only I could stop adding series to my list...

  2. That is a lot of books and you've actually completed some series.... Maybe I'll get at least one done before the end of the next quarter ;) *fingers crossed*

    1. I'm pleased with the number I completed. I hope I can do as well this next quarter!

  3. I will do my checkin this weekend. I have been good at knocking out Seriously Series so far this year! Not anywhere as good as you though---holy canoli.

    1. Well, it's easy to kill this list when every other book I read is part of a series. =P I can't wait to see how much you've accomplished.

  4. Wow, you have been doing crazy series reading. I'm staying pretty on task with my goal. I just updated in my monthly TBR and I'm 1/2 done with my goal of 12! WOOHOO!

    1. AWESOME! Let me know if you need any virtual cheering or prodding to get things done. I WILL TOTALLY DO BOTH!