Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review: Reversion by J. Thorn

Reversion: The Inevitable Horror (Portal Arcane #1) by J. Thorn
Synopsis (Goodreads):
The end is coming and one man must outrace the destruction and find his redemption.

With a noose around his neck, Samuel arrives in a forest littered with caution tape and artifacts of the deceased. He struggles to regain his memory while fending off a pack of wolves and the mysterious visitors who seem to know more about this dying world than he does. Major, Kole, and Mara, his new companions also trapped in the strange locality, accompany Samuel and attempt to outrace its destruction, to outrun the Reversion.
My Thoughts: Huh. This is a tough book to review without giving away all the pertinent points. But I shall try!

Sooo.... This book is twisty and dark and very compelling. It takes a look at choices and the actions that result from those choices. The mystery of what's happening around -- and to -- Samuel and the people he comes across in his journey is revealed a piece at a time and the disjointedness of it all is both jarring and captivating.

There's a lot going on here, guys. A LOT. Bad things happen, good things happen, truth comes to light. Samuel's journey through this broken, dying land is just one part of it all. And... you know, that's pretty much all I can say without completely spoiling this book. THINGS HAPPEN. BIG THINGS. DARK THINGS. BLOODY THINGS!

Big, dark, bloody things. Bring it!

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2. The Law of Three

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