Friday, June 28, 2013

Review: Grimoire of the Lamb by Kevin Hearne

Grimoire of the Lamb (The Iron Druid Chronicles #0.4) BY Kevin Hearne
Synopsis (Goodreads):
When he’s not vanquishing villainous gods or dodging demons, two-thousand-year-old Druid Atticus O’Sullivan can be found behind the counter of Third Eye Books and Herbs in modern-day Tempe, Arizona, literally minding his own business. But when an evil sorcerer—and amateur shoplifter—snatches an ancient Egyptian tome of black magic, The Grimoire of the Lamb, Atticus is not sheepish about pursuing him to the ends of the earth . . . or at least to the Land of the Pharaohs.

Unfortunatel,y Atticus already has enemies in Egypt—including cat goddess Bast, who wants her own book of mischief back from the Druid. In the streets of Cairo, she sends a feline phalanx after Atticus and his Irish wolfhound, Oberon. With fur still flying, Atticus must locate the sorcerer’s secret lair—where he will face killer crocodiles, spooky sarcophagi, and an ancient evil Egyptian who’s determined to order the sacrificial lamb special tonight.
My Thoughts: I think I need to start this review out by pointing out that there wasn't a lot of #NakedDruid in this story. Which is disappointing but just goes to show you what a positive influence Granuaile is in later books on Atticus's willingness to disrobe often. Not that I'm implying anything but the guy likes to be naked. And if Granuaile *happens* to be around, who am I to notice?

*ahem* Since I'm seriously in love with this entire series, I'm just going to flail and make dolphin noises for a second. *flail* *high pitched noise* *flail* Okay. Now that I've gotten that out of the way...

Atticus is totally the guy I'd want at my back if I ever went toe to toe with something that couldn't be explained away by modern science. The guy rocks. Heh. Not literally or anything. We'll leave that to the various elementals and such that he runs across. He's just... five kinds of awesome. Five kinds of awesome who loves his dog. I appreciate that. (also, it's possible I mention that in every review because... awwwww!)

I have to wonder if this trip to Egypt is going to pop up and bite Atticus in his delectably naked ass at some point. He sure has made a lot of enemies through the ages, hasn't he? A few in Norse mythology, a few in Egyptian, one or two in Greek... the list just keeps growing. He can barely spit without hitting someone he's once butted heads with. Or stolen something from.

On second thought, maybe I don't want him at my back. All those enemies might be his undoing someday. I'll just watch from afar and and wait for the nudity.

PS: This story totally knocks it out of the park. Atticus is his trademark cool self and Oberon steals the show with his inability to count. I kinda <3 that dog.

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