Thursday, June 6, 2013

Review: The Law of Three by J. Thorn

The Law of Three (Portal Arcane #2) by J. Thorn
Synopsis (Goodreads):
The Reversion plucks Samuel from a dying world and drops him into another, a decaying desert wasteland of darkness and peril. With newcomers Jack and Lindsay, Samuel, begins his quest for redemption and a final confrontation with the forces behind the Reversion, trusting his fate to the Law of Three.
My Thoughts: There are times with this series where things are so tangled up that I don't know who to trust. In a good way, mind you. Everybody seems to have an agenda and figuring out whether they're truly there to help Samuel or hinder him is half the fun.

I'm not going to lie, I suspected every single character of being a bad guy at one point or another. INCLUDING SAMUEL. Not that he's bad, necessarily, but he definitely has his eye on the prize. Even if he's not quite sure what that prize is. The fact that he'll do anything to make it to the mountain makes him unpredictable.

All things considered, unpredictable in this world can be downright scary. Also, spidercrabs. Those are scary.

Right. So, new alliances are forged, enemies are revealed, and the Reversion is nipping at Samuel's heels. THINGS HAPPEN, PEOPLE. Big things. I expect that we have a lot more in store for our wily hero in the next installment. Stay strong, Samuel. Either that or go out with a bang. *finger guns*

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