Saturday, June 1, 2013

State of the Kelly

Soooooo. Things have been happening in my world. Some big, some not so big. I'm in the mood to share, so.... here you go:

I mentioned this in last week's Clock Rewinders post but I have a new baby niece to spoil. Yes, I do call her Baby Watermelon. And then I break out some Dirty Dancing lines like "I carried a Watermelon" and get the required pained groans from my family. My family is so lucky to have me!

I have a really awesome job that I'm SUPER excited about (working in social media management FROM HOME). On top of this, I've also starting looking into offering content editing for authors. That's still in the beginning stages but it's fun and makes me look a little more critically at books. The downside of all this is that I have to find a workable balance between my day job, possible content editing jobs, and reading. Which is one reason why my reading numbers have dropped dramatically since Bout of Books.

BUT WAIT. AS IF ALL THAT ISN'T ENOUGH... I'm in the middle of writing a novella length story that is ROCKING my socks off. Amanda keeps me on track with that (no joke, we have weekly check-ins with one another to make sure we're staying on target for our goals) and I should have it done VERY SOON!

Oh, and for any of you that picked up Jenn Bennett's Binding the Shadows... I'm quoted twice. Which MADE MY EVER-LOVING WEEK, BABIES! I'd take a picture of it to show you but my phone sucks in a painful "I'm probably going to need a new one soon" sort of way.

Anyway! The kids are out of school in four days, I bought a RIDICULOUS amount of books this week (I'm not sorry about that but I did sort of cringe when I saw my TBR numbers explode upward), and my demon and werewolf keeping having their coitus interrupted. POOR THINGS!

So, that's the State of the Kelly. Yes, THE Kelly. She likes to talk about herself in the royal 3rd person.


  1. The balance is hard, isn't it? We'll figure it out!

    I like the State of the Kelly! Good stuff, beebs. Good stuff.

  2. Whooohooo! All good things here! I can't wait to read your book!! smiles..

    1. Now I just need to finish it! And do all the stuff that comes after.
      *gets a queasy fluttery feeling*
      *ignores it and goes back to writing*

  3. Wow, your plate is full of fantastic stuff - congratulations to The Kelly!

    1. Thanks, Andrea! I like to do everything at once. No sense drawing things out, right? Lol!