Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Review: Old Habits by Melissa Marr

Old Habits (Wicked Lovely #2.6) by Melissa Marr
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Recently anointed king of the Dark Court, Niall struggles to forge a new relationship with his subjects--and with the former Dark King, Irial, his once-friend, once-enemy, and now possible-advisor.
My Thoughts: I ADORE the Wicked Lovely series. The Irial/Niall/Leslie triangle (not a love triangle, mind you, but a potentially fantastic triad) remains one of the bog draws for me. Of those three, I've been enamored of the former Dark King since he first stepped on page.

Irial is powerful and deadly. He makes hard choices for the good of his people - choices that sometimes hurt those he loves the most. And I feel for him. It hard to see him choosing the path he chooses at times because you can see how much it tears him up. But for the good of the Dark Court, he does what has to be done.

So, how hard is it for a former king step back and become the new king's advisor? In Irial's case, the way he feels about Niall leads him to do his best to protect him. While this is noble, as a new king, Niall needs to know the things that Irial is keeping from him. Watching them butt heads is wonderful and kinda hot.

I love these glances back into this world. They work so well. <3

Wicked Lovely
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2. Ink Exchange
2.5. Stopping Time
2.6. Old Habits - Kindle
3. Fragile Eternity
4. Radiant Shadows
5. Darkest Mercy

Melissa Marr
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  1. You know, I don't think I ever actually finished this series. I own the whole series (minus the novellas), but I'm pretty sure I didn't read the final book. Hrm. I should probably do something about that.

    1. I held onto the final book for a long time but I ended up being very pleased with how the series ended overall. I liked it!

  2. Thanks for listing these in order! I'm hoping to try this series this summer. :-) Cool review!

  3. I have Wicked Lovely but just haven't given it a whirl yet. It does sound like the series is overall enjoyable and if you liked how it ended.... :)

    1. I definitely liked it. Melissa Marr is a fabulous storyteller. It's brutal and bloody and the characters are SO FUN!