Monday, July 1, 2013

Seriously Series 'Sessment - Kelly tackles Round 2

Our second check-in! Once again, I had a good three months.

As a reminder, I wipe out my totals at the end of each three month period (which I refer to as "rounds") and start fresh.

[Round 1: January-March]

Round 2: April-June

By category:
Series started in 2013: 28/18
Series started before 2013: 24/18
Series rereads: 5/12

By month:
  • New series:
    • Completed: 9
      • Bloodrunners (Dark Wolf Rising)
      • Earth Angels (Wounded Angel)
      • Monk's Hill Witch (The Ghost and the Graveyard)
      • Portal Arcane (The Law of Three)
      • Runaway Lies (For You)
      • Sons of Wrath (Soul Avenged)
      • Strength in Numbers (Strength in Numbers)
      • Sturgis Rally Riders (Runaway Virgin, Whipped Puppy, Public Adoration, Beautiful Ink)
      • Text Me (Text Me)
    • Started, not completed: 2
      • Anam Céile Chronicles (Donovan's Struggle, The Submission of Giuliana)
      • Lords of Deliverance (Immortal Rider)
  • Old series:
    • Completed: 7
      • Bound (Bound in Death)
      • Green Pines (Haunted Wolves)
      • Jasper Dent (Game)
      • The Sidhe Collection (Scattered Magic, Remnants of Magic)
      • Steampunk Chronicles (The Girl with the Iron Touch)
      • Tales of the Underlight (How Beauty Loved the Beast)
      • Vampire Erotic Theatre (Unleash)
    • Started, not completed:  -none-
  • Rereads:
    • Completed: - none-
    • Started, not completed: 1
      • Elder Races (Serpent's Kiss)
  • New series:
    • Completed: 10
      • After the Bane (Apocalyptic Moon)
      • Bound and Determined (Unbound)
      • Code of Shadows (Conjuring Max)
      • Dream Catcher (Gone)
      • Frontiera (Heart of Stone)
      • Surrender Your Love (Surrender Your Love)
      • Thieves of Aurion (Lover Enslaved, Lover Enraptured)
      • Tryst Island (Rebound)
      • Unveiled (Reveal Me)
      • When the Mission Ends (Operation: Endgame)
    • Started, not completed: 4
      • Hex Hall (Hex Hall)
      • Kiss Across Time (Kiss Across Time)
      • The Santinis (Leonardo)
      • Twilight of the Gods (Demon Crossings)
  • Old series:
    • Completed: 10
      • Alien Abduction (Mercenary Abduction)
      • Blood of Eden (Dawn of Eden)
      • Cryptid Tales (Settle)
      • Cyborgs: More Than Machine (B785)
      • Family Blood Ties (Sian's Solution, Vampire in Design)
      • Furry United Coalition (Lion and the Falcon)
      • Highlander (Into the Dreaming)
      • Lords of the Underworld (The Darkest Prison)
      • Rhyn Trilogy (Rhyn's Redemption)
      • Wicked Lovely (Old Habits)
    • Started, not completed: 6
      • Darkest London (Ember)
      • Experiment in Terror (And With Madness Comes the Light)
      • The Iron Druid Chronicles (Grimoire of the Lamb, Two Ravens and One Crow)
      • Legend (Life Before Legend)
      • Razorland (Endurance)
      • Spindle Cove (A Night to Surrender)
  • Rereads:
    • Completed: - none -
    • Started, not completed: 3
      • Dark-Hunter Universe (The Dream Hunter)
      • Elder Races (True Colors, Oracle's Moon, Natural Evil, Devil's Gate, Hunter's Season)
      • Morganville Vampires (Fade Out)

  • New series:
    • Completed: 9
      • Alpha Colony (Untamed Hunger)
      • Anam Céile Chronicles (Cailin, Soeis)
      • Demons and Warders (Burn Baby Burn, Riding in on a Burning Tire)
      • Galactic Breeders (Corbin's Captive)
      • London Undead (Bite Me)
      • The Renaldis (Temporary Arrangement)
      • The Santinis (Marco, Gianni, Vicente)
      • Twilight of the Gods (Witch Bound)
      • Vampire Assassin League (With Just Cause)
    • Started, not completed: 4 
      • Hex Hall (Demonglass)
      • Kiss Across Time (Kiss Across Swords)
      • Lords of Deliverance (Lethal Rider)
      • Stone Soldiers (Mythical)
  • Old series:
    • Completed: 7 
      • Aspen (Wounded)
      • Birch Harbor (The Kirkbride Plan)
      • Demonica (Overkill:Snippets of Demonica Life)
      • Elder Races (The Wicked)
      • Elemental Assassin (Spider's Bargain, Web of Death, Web of Deceit, Poison, Wasted, Tangled Dreams, Tangled Schemes, Spider's Nemesis, Parlor Tricks)
      • Heroes of the Highlands (Reluctant)
      • Monument 14 (Jake and the Other Girl)
    • Started, not completed: 2
      • Grisha (The Tailor, The Too-Clever Fox)
      • Spindle Cove (A Week to be Wicked, A Lady by Midnight, Beauty and the Blacksmith)
  • Rereads:
    • Completed: 1
      • Elder Races (Lord's Fall)
    • Started, not completed: 2
      • Dark-Hunter Universe (Devil May Cry, Upon the Midnight Clear, Dream Chaser)
      • Morganville Vampires (Kiss of Death)


  1. 38 New to Me Seriously Series
    3 ReReads

    My 2nd quarter check-in

  2. I have done good for me but you are killing it!!!

    1. Thank you! I'm excited about how well I'm doing!