Friday, July 26, 2013

Vampire in Design by Dale Mayer [Review]

Vampire in Design (Family Blood Ties #3) by Dale Mayer
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: May 19, 2013

Family Blood Ties
1. Vampire in Denial
2. Vampire in Distress
3. Vampire in Design - Kindle

Dale Mayer
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Tessa and her friends were supposed to be on their way home. On their way to safety. Instead she wakes up alone, with her friends kidnapped. Targeted and hunted, Tessa goes on the attack, desperate to find her friends and family. But her attackers want her throwback genes and will do anything to have her locked down in their lab.

Caught in a dangerous maze, Cody is torn between helping his fellow captives and finding Tessa. He’s young to have the connection that’s growing between him and his best friend’s sister. But any future they might have is in jeopardy if they can’t stop the blood farm from taking over the humans…and his people.

Jared is free at last, but he can’t stop thinking about what he went through at the blood farm and those who helped him. Then he finds out something personal that so horrifying, he has to act…even if it means walking back into the place he swore to never return.

These three need to be strong... the war is far from over…and they are right in the middle of it.
My Thoughts: I'm digging this series in a big way! Tessa's throwback abilities set her apart from everyone and the bad guys seem to be catching on that she's not so much a freak as something they should be coveting. Which is bad news for Tessa. Bad, bad news.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Book 2 left Tessa and her friends in danger, the bad guys apparently gearing up for round 2 of "kidnap the people they want to do bad things to", and a bucketful of confusion over who should be trusted and who's been in on the blood farm plot. Book 3 moves things forward but it also raises more questions. Who is behind this? How will Tess and her friends and family survive when the bad guys have numbers that keep increasing and scruples that are non-existent?

I really like the various dynamics that are popping up. Tessa and Cody, Tessa and the other vampires, Jared and the humans, Jared and the vampires, the families... all of them are intriguing and the shifts as people come together in times of peril keep the story moving along nicely.

As with the other books in this series, there is a cliffhanger ending. I'll tell you a secret,though... the story is engaging and the cliffie didn't bother me. THINGS ARE HAPPENING. And that's good.


  1. I've never heard of this series before. It sounds like a good one, and I don't mind long as I have the next book in my hand! ;-) :-P

    Side Question: Do you read these books and then write a review for them later, or do you read and then review as you go?

    1. I try to write the review pretty quickly after I've read the book. If I let too much time lapse, I forget all the cool things that made me flaily.

      For the record, books I'm reading NOW, won't be on the blog until September. Unless I have a review request that I can't resist. =D

  2. Yey, I love hearing about engaging new series! This sounds great, despite the cliff-hanger ending. :-) Glad Vampire in Design lived up to the previous novels.

    1. It's very fun! I recommend Dale Mayer books if you're looking for something quick and engaging. I liiiiiiike them!