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Loki Bound by Charity Ayres [Review]

Loki Bound (Mortal Gods #1) by Charity Ayres
Format: ebook
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Date read: July 9, 2013

Mortal Gods
1. Loki Bound - Paperback | Kindle

Charity Ayres
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Natural disasters, gods on earth, a bid for world domination and a snarky trickster god just wishing everyone would quit destroying her furniture. What more could you want?

The old gods are far from dead. Some of them live on, seeking mischief and mayhem in Norfolk, Virginia. Loki likes playtime on earth and has chosen to embrace the feminine side of life as Cleo. Unfortunately for Cleo, something is off in the area and it isn't due to a current bid for power by the trickster.

That just won't do as far as Cleo is concerned, but she realizes she might need some back-up. She asks big brother to step down a plane and play in the dirt. Rocky is a classical representation of Thor and not completely sure Cleo isn't up to her old tricks.

The duo nonetheless sets out to find the power shift in the magical line in the mortal plane. Posing as FBI agents, they enlist the help of local detective, Richard Martin. The trickster makes a pact with her brother to keep the secrecy of their true purpose under wraps but finds that the allure of mortal life may make a painful end to her existence for that promise.
My Thoughts: This was a very fun book. Wrapping my head around Loki as a female boggled me a bit in the beginning but once I fell into the idea (and Cleo's snipes and jabs at Rocky/Thor), it worked nicely. No matter the form Loki chooses, messing with people is what this god does best.

Except, that is, when a certain detective falls into her orbit and suddenly she has a tough time conjuring up her tricky tricks. Emotion isn't all it's cracked up to be when you have godling powers that are on the fritz. Seriously. And when the trickster god finds herself tripping over her own lies... well, let's just say that it makes keeping secrets interesting.

The limitations on how often the gods can assume mortal form are intriguing. Heck, the world building itself is intriguing. Gods and power struggles and bad, bad things crawling out of the woodwork and the type of lusty romance that amuses me. Cleo knows her new mortal body just needs a good roll in the hay. That must be why she's acting all touchy-feely with the detective. Isn't it?

Seriously, fun book with plenty of potential for future shenanigans with all the gods and trouble they can get into.

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