Saturday, September 21, 2013

This is why I love my friends...

A few weeks ago, my BFF forwarded me an email simply saying "What I spent time on this morning..."

From: Kelly's BFF (not her real name)
To: SFGATE_support-qa
Subject: SFGate Feedback: Web browser issue


Can you please get rid of the Martha Stewart Staples ad on the games page? Whenever that ad displays, I can't play the games. The game shows up for a second, then disappears and all that's left is Martha Stewart's disapproving face, reminding me that I probably should be doing work versus playing pic-a-pix. But you know what Martha? You're not the boss of me, and you shouldn't get to dictate when I can play battleships and when I can't. Why don't you go and bother people in the 'shopping' section? It seems like a better place for an ad anyway. I'm certainly not thinking about wanting to buy office supplies while playing games, I'm mostly thinking about who is possibly walking by my cube; and also about screen placement of the game for quick hiding in case someone does pop around the corner unexpectedly. I don't have enough brain power to throw in thoughts of paperclips and post-it notes into the mix, that would severely lower my game playing (and hiding) skillz. Thank you.

SFGate's response:

Hi (Kelly's BFF) (still not her real name),

Far be it for us to allow interference with discreet puzzle and game doing. The ad it being served from the game provider's site. We're reaching out to them to remove or fix it.


(Dude in Customer Support)

Now THAT is how you give good customer service. While I admittedly don't know if the Martha Stewart ad was removed, Mr. Dude in Customer Support (who will henceforth be known as DiCS -- which is unfortunate) totally jumped in and not only supported my BFF's need for hush-hush game playing, but also forwarded the issue on.

Way to go, DiCS!

Also, I still get a giggle out of what BFF said about Martha Stewart. Is that wrong?


  1. *dies* I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS. Including DiCS.

    1. I laughed SO HARD when she emailed that to me. And I kinda feel sorry for giving the helpful guy that nickname but WHAT CAN YOU DO? Some things are meant to be.