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Blood and Stone by C.E. Martin [Review]

Blood and Stone (Stone Soldiers #3) by C.E. Martin
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: August 19, 2013

Stone Soldiers
1. Mythical
2. Brothers in Stone
3. Blood and Stone - Paperback | Kindle
4. Shades of War
5. Black Knight Down

C.E. Martin
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Imprisoned at Alcatraz for over forty years, Dr. Laura Olson dreamed of two things: freedom and meeting back up with the man who spared her life and gave her a chance to serve her country from behind bars. All that changes when a shapeshifter comes to the Rock, ripping out and eating the hearts of the inmates to steal their memories and paranormal abilities. The shapeshifter sweeps through the prison and finally attacks Dr. Olson, stealing her heart and her undead powers before fleeing the country.

When the shapeshifter declares himself to be the second coming of the Mayan blood god Kukulcan to the people of the Yucatan, America's anti-supernatural forces spring into action, recruiting Dr. Olson and giving her a chance for payback.

The vampire now must work with a team of living stone soldiers, a teenager who can freeze objects with her mind and the super soldier who captured her long ago. Can the undead Doctor keep her new team alive long enough to get revenge, or will she succumb to her blood thirst and join with the new Kukulcan?
My Thoughts on Blood and Stone: Colonel Kenslir has faced some tough bad guys in his years as a soldier battling against supernaturals but I think two amorous women who don't know the meaning of the word NO might just be more than he can handle. Poor guy. His old fashioned sensibilities took a BEATING this time around.

But enough about Kenslir's non-existent bedroom shenanigans. The shapeshifting giant is back. Well, one of the shapeshifting giants, at least. And he's mad. He wants to restore his power base to what it was in the days when blood sacrifices were brought to him and he was feared and worshiped. So what does he do? He creates an undead army to enact his will. AS ONE DOES.

Kenslir and the team are up against something dangerous and deadly. The giant's ability to absorb the powers of those he consumes makes him more of a threat with every passing day. The way he's sucking the life force out of people just makes him stronger and stronger. Frankly, the fact that anyone is able to survive going a round or two with him says a lot about their various abilities.

The world here is continuing to expand with new characters (hello, horny vampire!) and potential new enemies. Josie's abilities are growing and the newest soldiers are learning their way around their strength.

Good stuff!

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