Friday, October 4, 2013

Happily Never After by Missy Fleming [Review]

Happily Never After (Savannah Shadows #1) by Missy Fleming
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: August 7, 2013

Savannah Shadows
1. Happily Never After - Paperback | Kindle
2. A Strange There After

Missy Fleming
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
There's no such thing as happy endings.

Savannah, Georgia is rumored to be the most haunted place in America. Quinn Roberts knows it is. She's felt the presence of spirits her entire life, investigating and photographing them with her best friend. Only none of those encounters ever turned violent, until now. The menacing darkness feeding off her stepmother has promised she won't live to see her eighteenth birthday.

After a chance meeting Quinn reluctantly allows actor Jason Preston into her life, which has complications of its own. She's not used to letting people get close. Falling for him while fighting for her life, and her family's legacy, only complicates things more. Jason shows her exactly what she stands to lose, especially when she's being attacked by the mysterious entity. Each attack is more violent and terrifying than the last.

With Jason's help, she dives into the Roberts' family history, searching for a link between a woman who went missing a hundred and fifty years ago and what's happening now. What they find is a brutal murder and that the ghost doesn't just want to hurt Quinn, it wants revenge.

It wants her life.
Thoughts on Happily Never After: I was looking for something a little spooky when I picked this book up and it TOTALLY lived up to that. Vengeful spirits are so delightfully creepy. Especially when you get to see what brought them to that point.

But this is really Quinn's story. Her life has been a full-on Cinderella remake -- complete with an evil stepmother and two evil stepsisters. Oh, and a handsome prince/actor who sees her in a way that most other people don't. She even got to go to a ball. I liked that.

Quinn is sassy. She's taken this kinda awful life that's been thrown at her and she's made the best of it. She's lost her family, been lied to by someone who should have protected her, and just generally been treated terribly. Yet, she's strong enough to not turn her back when those same people who made her life miserable need her. I can respect that.

I liked the ghostly side of things. I liked the romance. I liked the mystery of what was happening. Oh, and the ending KILLED me. Like, whoa. I can't even imagine how things are going to play out from here.

That's right, BIG THINGS happened and Quinn is going to have to use all her smarts to figure out how to get out of the mess she's in. I like that!


  1. HA! I visited Savannah a few years ago and took a pretty hilarious "ghost tour" with my friends. They'd take you up in a room and say "so and so died here, and sometimes the homeowner would come in and she'd be standing over at the sink washing dishes, or over in a chair by the fire quilting" with this totally serious expression. And of course, these are conducted a night so it's all the more creepy.