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Starting from Scratch by Stacy Gail [Review]

Starting From Scratch (Bitterthorn, Texas #2) by Stacy Gail
Format: ebook
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Date read: October 28, 2013

Bitterthorn, Texas
1. Ugly Ducklings Finish First
2. Starting From Scratch - Kindle

Stacy Gail
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Christmas is the perfect time to start from scratch

Lieutenant Sully Jax saved his unit during an IED attack, but he couldn't save his marriage. He can't even remember it. Recovered from his injuries, he's come home to the family and friends he knows—and an ex-wife who's a stranger to him.

Lucy Crabtree was heartbroken last Christmas when Sully announced his plan to go on one last tour of duty, and devastated when he asked for a divorce after he awoke in the hospital with no memory of her. She's finally moving on from her hurt and from losing the man she loved more than anything, and her cookie-baking business is taking off just in time for the holidays. But now Sully's back, and she can't deny she still loves him. But how can she trust her heart to someone who breaks it every time she sees him?

Sully might not remember Lucy, but something inside won't let her go. With every bite of her cookies, he finds a new love for Lucy, and he soon realizes he wants to rebuild his life… with her by his side.
Thoughts on Starting from Scratch: Good gravy! Stacy Gail knows how to deliver an emotional punch to the gut. Wow. I spent a good quarter of this book teary-eyed and sniffly. And considering how I refuse to acknowledge that I'm a crier, that says a lot.

The push and pull of Lucy and Sully's relationship was hard. His amnesia is particularly painful because it's Lucy he can't remember. Her stubborn courage in trying to pretend like everything's a-okay when she's screaming on the inside got to me. I admired Lucy. I liked her. Her pain at loving someone who couldn't remember her was vivid and heartbreaking.

Which isn't to say that Sully's issues were any less compelling. Not being able to remember someone who used to be such a huge part of his life bothers him. He's drawn to Lucy despite not remembering, but it's really Lucy's pain at being forgotten that laid me low here.

Beautifully written and sweetly romantic as Sully tries to rediscover his past with Lucy as she tries to hide from it. Have a box of tissues nearby when you read this one. You'll need it.


  1. I downloaded this one too! I need to squeeze it in!

    1. It made me cry. Stacy Gail does that to me. In a good way, naturally. Her books pull all the emotions out of me.

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