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Fear and Anger by Shawn Kupfer [Review]

Fear and Anger (47 Echo #3) by Shawn Kupfer
Format: ebook
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Date read: October 6, 2013

47 Echo
1. 47 Echo
2. Supercritical
3. Fear and Anger - Kindle

Shawn Kupfer
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
China, 2021

The global war between east and west intensifies. Nick Morrow, commander of the convict unit 47 Echo, has been abandoned by his government and left for dead deep inside enemy territory. Using only his wits and instinct, he must somehow escape a hostile country where his face is plastered over every screen and his wanted poster is projected on the side of every building.

Christoper Lee, Nick’s second in command, is tasked with taking over the unit and tracking a group of traitors who have stolen an advanced prototype weapon and fled into North Korea. Unsteady and terrified by his first command, Christopher is sure his mission is going to fail — and that failure, he fears, will turn the tide of the war and crush the already overextended Allied forces.
Thoughts on Fear and Anger: When last we left Nick Morrow, he had voluntarily stranded himself behind enemy lines so that his team could escape. Book 3 picks up straight from there and we get to see Nick's resourcefulness as he crosses through enemy territory to try to get back to his unit AND see how Christopher Lee fares as he takes command of the unit.

Both sides of the story are equally compelling.

Nick's genius as a leader lies in being able to use the resources at hand. Usually, those resources are his people and their many skills. Alone, he has to rely on himself, a bit of luck, and his willingness to do things that seem impossible. He's also saddled with an ass of a US pilot who he liberated from enemy hands. This makes things a little tougher, but he finds a way.

Because that's what Nick Morrow does.

Back at the unit, Christopher is juggling trying to fill Nick's shoes, worrying about making a wrong decision and killing his people, and trying to find his groove as the new commander. I really liked seeing him come into his own. He makes a few mistakes but he's able to recover from them. And that's what being a leader is all about.

Another solid entry into the 47 Echo series with plenty of close calls, a passel of likeable convicts (and a few crazy ones) and a few interesting secrets that Nick stumbles over in his quest to make it back to his people.

What will the future bring for this ragtag band of former convicts? Only time will tell.

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