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Armageddon Z by C.E. Martin [Review]
Armageddon Z (Stone Soldiers #6) by C.E. Martin
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: November 27, 2013

Stone Soldiers
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6. Armageddon Z - Kindle

C.E. Martin
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Kenji Nakayama has seen the end of the world—and it isn't pretty. Those killed by a horrific plague have risen up, reanimated and eager to kill. Those that have survived struggle to find somewhere safe. For Kenji, this nightmare never ends—no matter how many times he dies.

That all changes when the young precog encounters the Stone Soldiers, rescuing survivors and slaughtering zombies. Kenji learns that the petrified super soldiers could have prevented the apocalypse with a little forewarning. Luckily for them, Kenji can do just that—by going back and experiencing it all one more time.

Can the men of living stone save the world with Kenji's help, or will the monster behind the undead apocalypse prove more than even a super psychic can handle?
Thoughts on Armageddon Z: I've been on a bit of a zombie kick lately so this book hit the spot. There's enough zombies in it to satisfy my need for biting and gnawing with the added bonus of poor Kenji who has to relive the apocalypse again and again. Poor guy.

On the bright side, his gift does allow him to get in touch with the one group who has a chance of stopping this thing. So, there's that. I'm sure that's a small comfort as one is being pulled apart and devoured alive, but you do what you gotta do when the zombies are set to take down the world.

I really enjoyed seeing the different scenarios play out. As Kenji makes contact with Kenslir and his crew and has to convince them time and time again that he really does know what he's talking about. You know, I'm not sure if I'd consider that ability a gift so much. Seeing the bad things over and over again has to wear on a guy. Even if he is saving the world in the end.

As always, the action is bone-breaking, the bad guys are... really bitey, and the parahumans are there to do what they do best and save the human race from some really bad things. *thumbs up*

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