Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Taken by the Gargoyle King by Vanessa Cox [Series Review]

Taken by the Gargoyle King
1. Taken by the Gargoyle King - Kindle
2. Stolen by the Gargoyle King - Kindle

Vanessa Cox
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Taken by the Gargoyle King
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: November 17, 2013

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Julie is on vacation in Paris, the most romantic city in the world, when she suddenly finds herself alone and boyfriendless. Things aren't going very well for her, but all that quickly changes when she meets a mysterious French stranger. Trying to lift her spirits, the stranger suggests that she tour some French sites and see a beautiful old church that only the locals know about.

Little does she know that this ancient church is home to the Gargoyle King and his great horde.

Unknowingly, Julie walks into the lair of the gargoyles hoping to find history and beautiful architecture, but what she actually finds is a horde of hungry beasts and a king who is in need of a mate.

Captured by the Gargoyle King and his minions, will Julie ever be able to escape? After feeling the King's rough touch, will she want to?

Warning: This 7,500+ word short story includes rough, monster sex, oral sex, anal play, double penetration by monsters, domination, anal sex and impregnation by gargoyles! For Mature Audiences only!
Thoughts on Taken by the Gargoyle King: It should come as NO surprise that I got a kick out of this book. Sad, lonely heroine gets abducted by a monstrous creature and is forced to do naughty things she ends up enjoying? Yeah, it's my type of book. Throw in a little threesome action and I'm all *flaily* hands and *finger guns*.

So. Julie. She has a crappy boyfriend, she ends up with a beast of a gargoyle. While part of her goes the "what else can I do but submit" route, part of her gets a thrill out of what he's doing to her. So, yeah, there's a little dubious consent (spoiler alert: they have The Sex. He wrings orgasms out of her like no one has done before.) but, ultimately, Julie enjoys it. Since this is often the case in monster erotica, I choose to go with it.

Nicely naughty and chock full of man-beasts who get their kicks out of pushing their lady friends to the limits. *thumbs up*
Stolen by the Gargoyle King
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: November 17, 2013

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Kidnapped and lost in a magical alien world, Julie is now held prisoner in the Gargoyle King's great palace and has become his own personal sex slave. Under constant guard and with little hope for escape, she must either come to terms with her fate as the King's personal pleasure pet or find a way to escape his castle and find a way home.

But will Julie learn that there is more to the monstrous King than his war-hardened rage and beastly demeanor? Will she be able to find some humanity under his monstrous fa├žade and beg him to allow her to go home? Or will she have to silently accept her future and feed his endless hunger for her body and become his mate and be the mother of gargoyles?

Warning: This 21,000+ word story includes rough reluctant monster sex, steamy oral sex, double penetration by monsters, domination and multiple steamy attempts of impregnation by a sexy Gargoyle King! For Mature Audiences only!
Thoughts on Stolen by the Gargoyle King: Where book 1 was more of the traditional monster erotica, book 2 takes us to a whole new realm where the monstrous is ordinary. Throw in some intriguing world building (human mates are not uncommon and there are those who know about the gargoyles in the human world) and a set of new characters who might cause problems down the line, and I was thoroughly entertained.

The sex is still sexy (Gargoyle king has STAMINA, people!) and from what he told Julie, human mates adjust nicely to their sex slave status (probably because of all that stamina!). I'm leery of the lady servant but I'm willing to change my mind about her. And the dragons? They intrigue me.

Bring on book 3, I'm ready!


  1. Honestly, I think more monster erotica needs to be like Ari -- so very excited to get down and dirty with the monsters. Dubious consent is what monster erotica is known for, though.

    1. I'm partial to Ari's attitude about her monster lovin' but that's mostly because I, you know, wrote her. Lol!