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Lucifer's Lover by Tracy Cooper-Posey [Review]
Lucifer's Lover by Tracy Cooper-Posey
Format: ebook
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Date read: December 27, 2013

Tracy Cooper-Posey
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Lindsay is determined to outshine her mother's illustrious career. As head of marketing for the exclusive Freeman Hotel, in the rarefied mountains of northern Washington, Lindsay grapples with her rival -- the charming newcomer, Lucifer Furey Pierse.

No one knows much about Luke except that he could turn murder into a comedy routine, that he likes classy women and is oddly drawn to the prickly, definitely not-interested Lindsay.

It starts with a bet that goes horribly wrong. If Lyndsay wins, then Luke leaves town—forever. If Luke wins, he gets a date with Lyndsay. But when Luke wins and Lindsay is forced to pay the price, she learns more about Lucifer Furey Pierse than she thought existed, and the date kick-starts a bitter-sweet journey as they learn why they are the people they have become.

Then life hands them an unexpected twist they must deal that tests both of them to limits.
Thoughts on Lucifer's Lover: Tracy Cooper-Posey's books have a way of drawing me in and getting me invested in her characters from the beginning. This book was no exception. Between Lindsay's hidden issues and Luke's charm, I was hooked from the start.

At first glance, Lindsay is one of those too-tightly wound executives that thrives in a fast-paced environment. Only... she's not really. Everything she's doing, she's doing to to prove something to someone who isn't around to appreciate it. As her secrets are revealed, we get to see more of the lonely woman underneath who's so caught up in her plan she's no longer enjoying life.

Luke, on the other hand, seems like he's all surface, no depth. Again, it's not until he begins letting Lindsay in that we see some of what's driving him. Honestly, his horror at what he unwittingly did to Lindsay's career was one of those ah-ha moments for me. The guy has a lot going on under his quips and jokes. A lot.

Highly enjoyable with plenty of steamy kisses and sexy times. Luke and Lindsay look like they'd be miles apart as a couple, but they worked very nicely once they figured things out. It just took a while to get to that point.

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