Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spotlight on... The Wicked Naga

I am PRETTY excited to have released my 5th book for the year. It also happens to be the 5th in my Monstrous Tales series and the halfway point of the series as a whole. Which basically means I'm on the home stretch of writing this 10 part saga of an adventurous lady and her oversexed monsters.

Frankly, that's kinda awesome/cool/incredibly weird if I stop to think about it too long.

Anyway. The Wicked Naga is live! YAY!
The Wicked Naga (Monstrous Tales #5) by Kelly Apple
Ari’s weekend at the cabin has turned out to be eye-opening—she’s been propositioned by a frenemy and spent a scorching night in the lake with a merman. But the weekend’s not over yet and it’s just her luck there’s a snake-man in these mountains who’s looking for a sweet, young thing to spend some time with.

Ari’s adventurous and the naga is upfront about what he wants. But can she trust a half-man, half-snake who looks at her like she’s dinner?

This wicked naga might be deadly, but he also has a softer side. Ari just has to uncover it.

Warning: This book contains a monster with non-standard parts and a girl who has enough determination to see things through. It’s two for the price of one on the mountain and Ari couldn’t be more excited.
Meanwhile, Monstrous Tales Volume 1 (containing books 1-3 plus a bonus short story) is out at multiple retailers (Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes). The Wicked Merman (Monstrous Tales #4) is available at Amazon. The 6th book will be hitting Amazon in about 2 weeks with Monstrous Tales Volume 2 going live about 2 weeks after that.

Yes, I've been a busy little bee. I kinda love writing these stories, though, so I'm having a BLAST!

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