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Vampire in Deceit by Dale Mayer [Review]
Vampire in Deceit (Family Blood Ties #4) by Dale Mayer
Format: ebook
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Date read: December 4, 2013

Family Blood Ties
1. Vampire in Denial
2. Vampire in Distress
3. Vampire in Design
4. Vampire in Deceit - Paperback | Kindle

Dale Mayer
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Hurt and hurting, Tessa wages war against her own as she tries to protect those she loves and save those that can't save themselves.

Ravaged by the constant attacks, afraid for her friends and family, Tessa is driven to the ends of her reserves as she strives to beat back the never ending wave of war. Thankfully she's never alone...inside or out.

Kidnapped and injured, Cody struggles to escape and find the girl whose connection to his heart, mind and soul is growing by the moment. The chances of them all surviving this chaos are slim...but he just knows he can't live without her.

Jared is determined to help his father and friends. He can't leave them alone to their fate, even when his own life becomes endangered...again. Only this time, he has allies on his side...or does he?

The war unites humans and vamps as the war ratchets higher to a survival of the fittest...but the people most deeply involved can't take any more. And then they find out the worst...
Thoughts on Vampire in Deceit: I've really enjoyed this series as a whole. Tessa's growth as she's gone from the "freak" to someone who can do things the other vampires can't has been fun to watch. Her deepening relationship with Cody (and the consternation THAT brings to her father) has been enjoyable. Their ability to mindspeak to one another has gotten them out of a few tough situations and I can only guess that things are going to get worse in the next (and final) book. These vampires are going to need all the help they can get and a couple who can mindspeak gives them a huge advantage.

Now, there were several questions raised here that make me worry a bit for Tessa's family. The corruption in the vampire world goes deep and it's unclear who can be trusted at this point. Tessa's mom has family members who seem less than honorable on the surface. There are council members who *look* like they're on their side but they could easily be working with the blood farm vamps.

It's very tangled and the good guys are going to have a time of it as they sort out (while in the midst of battle) who's working for who.

For those wondering, yes, this book ends on a cliffhanger. Tessa is in danger and things look bad. But she has a family willing to go to great lengths to save her and I have no doubt she'll claw her way out of this mess with minimal damage.

I'm excited to see how this all ends in the next book. How deep is the corruption and will Tessa's family make it out unscathed? We'll have to wait and see.

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