Saturday, April 5, 2014

Campers UNITE!
On April 1st, Camp NaNo started. I honestly love these events simply because they push me to GET MORE WRITING DONE than I normally would in a month. They also remind me that playing on Twitter all day is not an effective use of my time. WHO KNEW?

Thus far, I've had an outstanding start to the month. I've been working almost exclusively on the third book in my Zombie Apocalypse Love Story series (which is not the official title, mind you) and I am LOVING falling into these characters heads again. I also have plans to write the next two installments of my Monstrous Tales series. You know, once I've written a teeeeeeny bit more on those zombies.

I'm tracking my daily word count in a couple of places -- on my author Facebook page, on Twitter under the #wsidekick hashtag (as @KellyRApple), and on the Camp NaNo website.

Meanwhile, I have two releases planned this month -- Monstrous Tales #6, which will be going live this weekend, and Monstrous Tales Volume 2 (going live in about 2 weeks. Or so. We'll see.).

Yes, it's busy around here. Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way! Now, back to the writing!


  1. I signed up (Troglodad) but I was sick and getting the crap beat out of me by Lady Luck last month, so I'm a novel behind. I've got 30,000 words to go on last month's work, then need to crank out 55,000 for this month. Whew. Luckily, when I'm slowing down, all I have to do is read one of Kelly's awesome reviews for a good laugh and a heckuva ego-stroke. Thanks, Ms. Apple, you definitely keep me going.

    1. *thumbs up* One thing I love about the NaNo months is how I always end up pushing myself to write more than I normally do. LOVE THAT!