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Leannán by Rosalind Scarlett [Review]
Leannán (Anam Céile Chronicles #3) by Rosalind Scarlett
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: January 11, 2014

The Anam Céile Chronicles
0.75. Donovan's Struggle
1. Cailín
1.25. The Awakening of Celeste
1.50. The Sins of Zahrah
1.75. The Falling of Katja
2. Soeis
2.25. The Submission of Giuliana
3. Leannán - Kindle

Rosalind Scarlett
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
The path which destiny beckons . . .

After bidding farewell to her homeland of Ireland once more, Aislinn courageously returns to Italy to accept the offer presented her by the sophisticated male vampire, Niccolò, to reside with him in the beautiful Renaissance city of Florence.

She is anxious to learn from him of his more compassionate and less primeval lifestyle as a vampire. Finally, never will she have to kill again to satisfy her blood lust!

But, will it really be as simple as all that?

Aislinn is disheartened when it does not go as effortlessly as she had hoped, and she must deal with killing again, even if it was by accident. Then, once she finally has that mastered, she must struggle against another sort of lust overwhelming her every time she is with her latest young male blood servant. Fearing she will make a mistake and lose herself to his charms, Aislinn hastily sends him away.

Niccolò also introduces her to a more cultured life, showing her things and taking her places she would have never seen. After visiting Sanguelascivia, an erotic club with courtesans who cater to vampires, she takes on a female blood servant so that she will not be under the temptation of a man. They grow close— in every way imaginable. Being with Giuliana at least offers Aislinn some gratification from her persistently all-consuming sexual needs, until the day she can be reunited with her soul mate— soon, she prays.

She focuses her efforts on searching the city for the man she is convinced is the reincarnate of her lost love, Donovan— the very reason she returned to Italy. She tracks him down by his scent and he begins courting her ardently. Aislinn is quickly becoming rapt by his charms and is more than ready to succumb to his seductive touch. But is she absolutely sure it is him, after all, or is she only making yet another serious misjudgment?

And then to make matters more confusing, Aislinn begins having recurring dreams and fantasies about Voljidaar, her dark and alluring creator from the land of cold and snow with his long pale hair and penetrating ice blue eyes, amongst his other even more desirable features . . .

If only she knew for certain the correct path, the one to which her true fate summons.
Thoughts on Leannán: I like Aislinn and I kinda understand the whole wanting to stay pure for her true love thing but... maybe she should stop putting herself in so many highly charged sexual situations. I mean, if the act of blood drinking is already lighting her panties on fire, maybe *maybe* she should stay away from men who turn her on.

On the other hand, she has her lady friends who are willing to lend her a hand (or tongue) whenever she needs it. So... there you go.

We did get to see a less physically damaging side to Aislinn's life in this installment. For the most part, Niccolò treats her well and gives her a chance to become more than she was. He educates her and teaches her how to control her urges. He allows her to grow into herself. But her differences from other vampires are still present and that sets her apart.

With the dreams/visions/fantasies Aislinn is having, I'm curious where things are heading. She's managed to keep herself pure for 200 years (if you don't count all the ladies who have worshiped at the alter of her womanhood - and there have been a few!), it would be a shame to give it up now. On the other hand, TWO HUNDRED YEARS. That's a long time to go without the man parts when you clearly want it.

Enjoyable and much lighter in tone than what Aislinn went through under Zahrah's regime of sexual debauchery and torture. Aislinn's search for her long-lost love is still going strong. Let's see where she ends up next.

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