Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Twisted Miracles by A.J. Larrieu [Review]

Twisted Miracles (The Shadowminds #1) by A.J. Larrieu
Format: ebook
Source: provided by Carina Press through NetGalley
Date read: March 17, 2014

1. Twisted Miracles - Kindle
2. Dangerous Calling

A.J. Larrieu
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Cass Weatherfield’s powers come with a deadly price.

Cass knows it was her telekinetic gift that killed a college classmate five years back, even if no one else believes her. She’s lived in hiding from her fellow shadowminds ever since, plagued by guilt and suppressing her abilities with sedatives. Until the night her past walks back into her life in the form of sexy Shane Tanner, the ex-boyfriend who trained her…and the one she left without saying goodbye.

When Shane tells her that his twin sister, Mina—Cass’s childhood friend—is missing, Cass vows to help, which means returning to New Orleans to use her dangerous skills in the search. But finding Mina only leads to darker questions. As Cass and Shane race to learn who is targeting shadowminds, they find themselves drawn to each other, body and soul. Just as their powerful intimacy reignites, events take a terrifying turn, and Cass realizes that to save the people she loves, she must embrace the powers that ruined her life.
Thoughts on Twisted Miracles: Ooh. The world building here was fun. Dark and a little dangerous, but fun. Hidden societies, depraved desires, and abilities that the normal world wouldn't understand all wrapped around a woman trying desperately to suppress what she sees as a curse. SCORE!

Cass's life is complicated. She ran from the only family she's ever known, leaving behind a fair amount of heartache. Slipping back into that world is both easy and hard. Finding out there's an entire support system out there for her kind so soon after being forced to face her past is a revelation.

Having a chance to refine her gift gives her something to focus on other than Shane and the feelings he rouses in her.

While the mystery of who was behind the abductions of the Shadowminds isn't necessarily a surprise, the hows and whys are intriguing.The different individuals who Cass and Shane meet as they unravel what's going on lead to more questions. Given the deal Cass has to make and the potential that's presented to her at the end, I'm pretty darn excited for the next book.

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