Saturday, May 31, 2014

Salvation by Stephanie Tyler [Review]

Salvation (Defiance #3) by Stephanie Tyler
Salvation (Defiance #3) by Stephanie Tyler
Format: ebook
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Date read: May 11, 2014

1. Defiance
2. Redemption
3. Salvation - Kindle

Stephanie Tyler
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Luna is headed for trouble. She knows exactly what the men who run motorcycle clubs are capable of—the ruthless violence, the grabs for power, the brutal treatment of women. The one bright spot in her dark world is being held against his will by a rival gang after sacrificing himself for the sake of the club—without saying goodbye first. She needs to bring Bishop home to Defiance, both for the good of the MC and for herself.

Keller's mafia has thrived in the fallout from the Chaos and their compound is a city of sin, a world of depraved excess where people live in fear with nowhere else to go. When Luna is taken prisoner, Bishop has no choice but to lie. As far as the enemy knows, she's his. It's the one thing that will keep her safe.

Caught off guard, Luna follows Bishop's lead. And that's where the lines begin to blur, because what's been building between them for real is undeniable. But what Keller's protecting is something he'll kill to keep under wraps and with Defiance unable to come to their rescue, and only each other to turn to, Luna and Bishop may be facing their final goodbye.
Thoughts on Salvation: Good gravy, these poor characters are messed up. In a good way. Because if they weren't tough enough to have survived their messy pasts, I don't think they'd be fitting in quite as well in this post-Chaos world.

Bishop's sacrifice for Matthias at the end of book 2 KILLED ME. Seeing him counting down the days until his contract runs out while trying to keep himself from falling in too deeply with Keller and his crew was tough. Knowing he was doing what he was doing to keep his best friend from this life was the clincher. Yep, I like Bishop. He's tough, he needs violence, and he's fiercely protective of those he considers his.

Which brings us to Luna. She's not really reckless, but she has no idea what she's getting herself into when she follows Bishop. She's hurting and desperate and she runs to the one guy who makes her feel safe. Well, not the one. She has her BFF who protects her, but Bishop is the one she's been drawn to from the first moment she laid eyes on him. Those two are so darn cute together. All heat and steam and feelings.

These Defiance folk are prickly and tough, but they love hard. In more ways than one. Bishop and Luna might not be *in* Defiance, but they're still a part of it.

Frankly, I like how gritty this series is and I'm looking forward to anything I can get my hands on in it.


  1. I put down the first book and haven't picked it back up yet, though it sounds like I need to, especially when I'm in the mood for some damaged characters who are put through hell!

    1. Good gravy, Mary, they're all so BROKEN. Yet they still keep pushing on and surviving. I have to admit, I like that.