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The Lady Always Wins by Courtney Milan [Review]
The Lady Always Wins by Courtney Milan
Format: ebook
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Date read: February 22, 2014

Courtney Milan
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
It's all fun and games.

Nobody has ever come close to taking the place that Virginia Barrett had in Simon Davenant’s heart. As a child, Ginny was his best friend and comrade-in-arms. As a young lady, she became his sweetheart. But when his parents discovered their growing affection, they threatened to cut Simon off without a penny if he married her. And when Simon planned an elopement, Ginny refused: She wasn’t going to marry a poor man. Ever.

Until someone loses a fortune.

In the seven years since they last saw one another, Ginny has been married and then widowed. Simon has built an empire as a railway financier. When they meet again, there’s still that same delicious, playful attraction between them. But only Simon knows how tenuous his second chance really is. Everyone believes that Simon is wealthy. In truth, his company has been taken over by a hostile competitor and he is ruined. He knows from bitter experience that Ginny won’t marry a poor man. And so he has three days until the news becomes public—three days to seduce, woo, and marry the woman he cannot forget, or risk losing her…and this time, for good.
Thoughts on The Lady Always Wins: No lie, Courtney Milan packs a lot of story into a smallish package. And it's usually the type of "a lot of story" that gets me a little teary eyed. Basically, I've been smitten with everything she puts out, no matter the length.

This one? It tugged at my heartstrings. The games Ginny and Simon played with one another were sweet, sexy, and heartbreaking all rolled into one. They pushed and pulled at one another like they had when they were children, but their hearts were very much on the line.

I did like Simon's revelation about himself. I think it took a lot of courage for Ginny to face the man who had essentially torn them apart with his declarations. While a lot of the blame for their separation could be laid on Simon's impulsiveness and Ginny's fears, they also had some outside help. So, Ginny showed courage. I supposed Simon did too when he came to his realizations about his actions.

Bottom line? I like the things that fall out of Courtney Milan's head. This was no exception.

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