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The Seduction of Gretchen by Rosalind Scarlett [Review]
The Seduction of Gretchen (Anam Céile Chronicles #2.75) by Rosalind Scarlett
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: March 7, 2014

The Anam Céile Chronicles
0.75. Donovan's Struggle
1. Cailín
1.25. The Awakening of Celeste
1.50. The Sins of Zahrah
1.75. The Falling of Katja
2. Soeis
2.25. The Submission of Giuliana
2.50. La Amore di Vincenzo
2.75. The Seduction of Gretchen - Kindle
3. Leannán

Rosalind Scarlett
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
“I know that I should not allow myself to be vulnerable to a Vampire like this, but he has me so hot, how can I possibly deny him? Besides he is far more than just a Vampire to me.
He is my Vampire. And I am his.”

Gretchen has worked at Sanguelascivia as an erotic performer and blood courtesan for several years, done it all, seen it all. She thought she had grown numb to the Vampires whom she was required to service. It was just a job. They were just the clientele.

That is, until the night Lucius shows up.

While on stage in the midst of her performance, Gretchen first locks eyes with him, his gleaming blue eyes never departing from her. With every move she makes, she feels him watching her, making her hotter by the second. She fully expects him to be there after the performance to request her services, but to her surprise, he is nowhere to be seen. Perplexed, Gretchen tries to brush him from her mind, yet hard as she may try, she cannot.

What is it about him? No man— human or Vampire— has ever had her feeling quite like this, has ever penetrated her soul as he had. And she isn’t sure whether she likes it. But one thing is sure, there is no denying it. What is happening to her?

Then soon again Lucius is there, boring into her with those cryptic eyes. And once more, he disappears before the end of the night. She finds herself fantasizing over this Vampire— something which she never thought she would do. Gretchen resolves the next time she sees him, she’ll be damned if he’s going to slip away again without speaking to her. She will take matters into her own hands if she must. She will request him!

When at last she realises her long-awaited private session with him, Gretchen discovers Lucius has a delicious secret which she never thought possible. And just as furtively as he appears, so does he vanish once more. Left with so many questions, she can scarcely wait to see him again. And Lucius only feeds her preoccupation with him, sending her expensive gifts in between his random visits.

Inferring a sense of urgency, this enigmatic Vampire suddenly asks to come away with him to Paris to be his bonded blood servant— and lover. Relishing her sexual freedom, Gretchen has never been one to desire this arrangement so many others hoped for. However, she fears that if she lets him go, she will never see him again, feel him again. But, what will be in store for her once she leaves the familiar comfort of Sanguelascivia?
Thoughts on The Seduction of Gretchen: As usual, Rosalind Scarlett has given us another sexy, sexy novella set amongst the performers of Sanguelascivia. We get to meet up with several old favorites (Vincenzo seems to be a favorite of everyone, myself included) and see the various storylines from a differing point of view (ahem, Guiliana's awakening to the pleasures of lady-love being one of them).

But we also get to see Gretchen fall hard for a vampire she sees only in the midst of her performances onstage.

Frankly, Lucius gets under her skin and she can't shake him. Considering her fantasies about him before they ever meet in person, Lucius has a lot to live up to. Surprisingly enough, he measures up.

And he has a secret that's a doozy.

Sexy and not for the faint of heart, Gretchen and Lucius's romance steams up the sheets. Gretchen's role as a courtesan alone is enough to make this story sexy. Her deeply erotic fantasies about her mysterious vampire adds a little something extra.

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