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A Change to Bear by A.E. Grace [Review]
A Change to Bear (Last of the Shapeshifters #1) by A.E. Grace
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: March 13, 2014

Last of the Shapeshifters
1. A Change to Bear - Kindle

A.E. Grace
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
A girl who needs a change...
Terry Spencer is curvy, spontaneous, and brimming with attitude. When a crazy job and a crazier family overwhelm her, she leaves for Vietnam with nothing but a backpack. But she doesn't expect to bump into a strange and stunning traveler on a train in the middle of the countryside. She certainly doesn't expect to find herself falling for that man who so obviously harbors a dark secret...

A broken man on the run...
Liam is heading for Vietnam in search of an old friend. He happens across a beautiful woman with the unique capacity to both attract and irritate him. But he's got a secret that ices is heart, that prevents him from falling in love. He's one of the last of the shapeshifters, and he's got a hunter on his scent who won't stop until he, and everybody he cares for, is dead...

A love on the line...
Will Liam give in to his desire, and allow his emotions to surface in the face of the hunter threat? And will Terry, confronted with the reality that shapeshifters exist, still feel the same way?

A Change To Bear is a slow burn shifter romance that follows a spunky woman as she discovers something new, and a hurting man who rediscovers something old.
Thoughts on A Change to Bear: This is definitely a slow burn romance as it says in the blurb. Liam is drawn to Terry from the first time he sees her, but with circumstances being what they are, he's not willing to pursue anything. Then they meet again. And again.

And, as you know, eventually you just have to give in and accept that you're not going to get rid of one curvy lady who irritates you as much as she intrigues you.

Hey, these things happen.

I liked that the shapeshifter mythology was a little different from most. Liam's had a long, eventful life. He's been through a lot and it's left its mark on him. Taking Terry into his confidence isn't easy for someone as closed off as he is, but he does and then he has to wait and see if Terry is able to deal with the reality of his existence.

I feel like we've barely tapped the surface with this story. Liam and Terry still have plenty to work out and learn about one another and we're given some information at the end of the book that could put a whole new spin on their relationship. Unless I'm reading too much into things. Which sometimes happens.

The point is, their journey doesn't feel like it's over. Both on the physical and emotional end. There's plenty more to be explored and I am curious.

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