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A Strange There After by Missy Fleming [Review]
A Strange There After (Savannah Shadows #2) by Missy Fleming
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: April 8, 2014

Savannah Shadows
1. Happily Never After
2. A Strange There After - Paperback | Kindle

Missy Fleming
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Ghosts exist. Quinn Roberts knows this because she is one - kind of. The spirit of a dysfunctional ancestor, Catherine, has evicted Quinn from her own body, forcing her to live in a world with the paranormal. No one can see, touch or hear her, except the ghosts she grew up with and the bane of her existence, a self-centered paranormal investigator named Boone.

Forced to watch the growing bond between her boyfriend, Jason, and the body snatcher, Catherine, Quinn delves deeper into the history of her family in search of a way to reverse what's been done. What she finds is a dangerous entity more terrifying than anything she's encountered before. He's willing to grant all her desires...for a price.

As Quinn faces painful decisions and makes unlikely alliances, she learns how far she will go to get her life back. Desperation is a wicked thing and she soon realizes that recovering her body may only be the beginning of her end.
Thoughts on A Strange There After: Given how book 1 ended, I was very curious how Quinn was going to get herself out of the pickle she found herself in. With her physical body possessed by a malicious spirit and no one around who could hear or see Quinn, getting back to herself looked hopeless.

As it turns out, there's more to Quinn's house than just a few random ghosts and Quinn is resourceful enough to make herself heard.

On the downside, Quinn makes a deal that could turn out very badly for her in the future. But she also finds a hot guy who can see and hear ghosts just like she can. Hot guys always liven up the place. Especially when you accidentally walk in on them showering.

Naked, wet men aside, we get a insight into why Catherine did the things she did and learn a little more about the ghosts Quinn has grown up with. There's still a whole lot left to explore in this world (showering men optional) and a few more mysteries to unravel.

Should I mention the naked guy again? I liked him. He grew on me. Not like a fungus, either. *slow thumbs up*

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