Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bear King's Curves by A.T. Mitchell [Review]
Bear King's Curves (Werebear Shifter Romance #2) by A.T. Mitchell
Format: ebook
Source: provided for review as part of the Fated Mates bundle
Date read: June 20, 2014

Werebear Shifter Romance
1. Love to Bear
2. Bear King's Curves - Kindle

A.T. Mitchell
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Synopsis (Goodreads):

Lyla Redd has just stolen her last precious artifact from the Klamath Bear Clan. The curvy smuggler got away with it before, but she doesn't know serious danger can arrive anytime in big, dark, and very muscular packages.

When werebear Alpha Nick Tunder lays eyes on the voluptuous beauty he's been sent to kill, he realizes the mission is a bust. Taking back his people's treasure is the easy part. Keeping Lyla away proves much harder, especially when she pursues and ends up in his bed for a thorough spanking.

Then the other Klamath bears find a human woman on their turf. Fur and claws fly as Lyla is sentenced to a darker fate.

Soaring passions hide much to explore, just like the mysterious artifact that brought them together. Deep love, lust, and an answer to their woes in an ancient royal bloodline are almost in reach, if only they can put the pieces together and their hearts on the line.

Destiny makes very strange bedfellows and beautiful fated mates...
Thoughts on Bear King's Curves: I don't know if it was a case of not having enough information because I didn't read book 1 (I kinda didn't realize this was the second in the series until I was a way into it. Oops.) or something else, but I struggled a bit with this book. I enjoyed the underlying worldbuilding, but I never quite connected with the characters or the reasoning behind some of their actions.

Frankly, the bulk of the bear clan were dicks who went along with what their elders told them to do WAY too easily. Add Nick's quick turnaround about killing Lyla (based on her looks alone, apparently) and his sudden refusal to do the clan elders' dirty work and I found myself wondering MIGHTILY about the dynamics of the clan as a whole. (and, yes, some of that was addressed later in the book, but I honestly had several moments where I wondered if ANYONE in the clan was likeable and not prone to being a mindless puppet who would kill if they could get away with it.)

A revelation is thrown in toward the end about how Lyla got involved with procuring clan artifacts that was a little too convenient for my tastes. While I can get behind someone leading her in the direction they wanted her to go, the fact she said nothing about ...(pause to consider how to phrase something that could be spoilery)... a certain something to Nick when she had plenty of opportunity to do so rubbed me wrong.

Bottom line: I didn't hate the book, but I didn't love it either. The worldbuilding was intriguing, but the characters didn't do much for me.