Thursday, August 28, 2014

Linden Manor by Catherine Cavendish [Review]

Linden Manor (What Waits in the Shadows) by Catherine Cavendish
Linden Manor (What Waits in the Shadows) by Catherine Cavendish
Format: ebook
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Date read: April 28, 2014

What Waits in the Shadows
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Catherine Cavendish
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
"Have you ever been so scared your soul left your body? "

All her life, Lesley Carpenter has been haunted by a gruesome nursery rhyme The Scottish Bride sung to her by her great grandmother. To find out more about its origins, Lesley visits the mysterious Isobel Warrender, the current hereditary owner of Linden Manor, a grand house with centuries of murky history surrounding it.

But her visit transforms into a nightmare when Lesley sees the ghost of the Scottish bride herself, a sight that, according to the rhyme, means certain death. The secrets of the house slowly reveal themselves to Lesley, terrible secrets of murder, evil and a curse that soaks the very earth on which Linden Manor now stands. But Linden Manor has saved its most chilling secret for last.
Thoughts on Linden Manor: Another nicely creepy tale by Catherine Cavendish. She gives good ghosts, man. And good spook. Just the whole horror thing. It works for me.

My take away from this book is that if your mom tells you doing something is a bad idea, listen to her. Especially when it comes to spooky old manor houses and creepy nursery rhymes. LISTEN TO HER. Moms are smart. They know when BAD THINGS are going to happen.

So. Lesley. She's curious about a piece of her past, but ends up getting a whole lot more than a paper out of her research. The idea that you can't know someone's intentions until you have the whole picture gave this book a nicely mind-bending twist. From the moment Lesley stepped into Linden Manor, she was caught by the house's secrets.

I liked that.

And the ending. Oh, the ending. I liked that, too. *thumbs up* all around.


  1. The cover creeped me out at first, but the whole description and your review promises a good scare, and now I want to read this! Added it to my wishlist :)

  2. Oooooh, I need to read this :)

  3. Thank you for the lovely review, Kelly and thank you to kelseysclutteredbookshelf and Red Iza. Hope you enjoy it!