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Taken by the Megalodon by Shauna Michaels [Review]

Taken by the Megalodon (Monstertantra Erotica #2) by Shauna Michaels
Taken by the Megalodon (Monstertantra Erotica #2) by Shauna Michaels
Format: ebook
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Date read: April 23, 2014

Monstertantra Erotica
1. Snowed in with the Yeti
2. Taken by the Megalodon - Kindle
3. Slaking the Giant Ground Sloth

Shauna Michaels
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
On a mission to avenge the death of her lover and master Rafe, Bronwyn is pushing her boat to its limits and throwing out a chum trail for his murderer, the Megalodon. Her impossible and unlikely objective: to lead the beast into a scientist’s iron-barred trap. Her boat is shuddering, her slave and shipmate Peleus’s courage is flagging, and the Megalodon is closing on them fast. She’s finally seeing how helpless this all is, how foolish she was to agree to it in her rage.

Will she make it to the trap before the Megalodon reaches her boat, and if not, will he be gentle?
Thoughts on Taken by the Megalodon: Word of warning: This book deals with some dark, heavy-duty non-con BDSM. It's not for the faint of heart.

That said, I had no issues with the forced consent or that Bronwyn was made to humiliate herself for the pleasure of the Megalodon. My biggest cringe-worthy moment came when Mr. Megalodon blew his fish breath in her face. *gags* I can't even. I just... *gags again*

Apparently, I have issues when the creature in question consumes vast amounts of chum and then does the equivalent of when my son burps and blows it in his friends' faces. Blech. Gross. *tries to think of anything else* Other than that, we're given whips, binding, body alterations, blood play, and... umm, I'm sure there was more. The point is, it's dark. There's no romance. No safe word. No trust, except what the Megalodon forces from Bronwyn.

And somehow it works.

And the ending? Not going to lie, I kinda dug it. Very ambiguous. When you've been stripped down to nothing and had something monumental forced on you that will change you in a fundamental way, what do you do next? That's the question Bronwyn faces.

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